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Old 05-02-2016, 12:02 AM
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Default Congratulations?

OK, my sis in law just popped out her 4th kid ... *22 YEARS* after her last kid.

And my previously youngest of her kids, my niece the 22 year old is a nurse in the OB unit in the hospital they both work at and she delivered at.

Now that has got to be a weird experience!

Rob and I didn't even know she was expecting, nor even considering to have a kid at her age, she is not that much younger than Rob [she is in her upper 40s, not a good age to be having a kid for either the parents or the kid!]
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Old 05-02-2016, 05:11 PM
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Quite a few women have children n their 40s these days. Late 40s is not a time I would want to be dealing with an infant, but some people do it. I would definitely not want to handle a newborn after 22 years without a young child.

Here's one that strikes me as weird- I reconnected with an old Catholic school acquaintance on Facebook. We're the same age- 37. I have a 6 year old and a 1-year-old. She has 5 kids- ages 21 down to 11 months!

I always figured there were advantages to having kids young- they're out of the house and you regain your freedom while you yourself are still relatively young- and advantages to having kids older, like myself- I got lots of traveling and fun stuff done in my 20s. But she has been dealing with kids since she was 16, and will still be dealing with them when she's in her 50's! She gets no break for nearly all her teen/adult life. And her 21 year old daughter just had a baby, so she's a grandma at 37, and her youngest will be only a handful of months older than his nephew! I know in the old days wide age ranges for one's children weren't unusual, nor was being a grandparent in your 30s, but in my circles it is really unusual.

(I know we deal with our children all our lives, but I mean supporting them financially and having them live at home etc).
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