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It was one of those days at work
Old 08-04-2006, 02:32 AM
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Default It was one of those days at work

Today was a disaster. Almost everything that could go wrong did. Heres a timeline of the days events:

8:25 am: Things start to get bad for me, as I pull into the parking lot my cars power window went up by itself and kept going back up when I put it back down, I like to leave my windows open a little, so I tricked it by turning the car off while holding the button to make it go down. 1 more thing added to the ever-growing list of problems with my car.

8:40: This is when things start going downhill for the whole store. B, the AM (our SM is on vacation) and I are in the office when C, one of the new cashiers come in and tells us she's quiting, no 2 weeks, not working her 2 shifts this just week, just quiting. This is bad, we have our weekly delivery from the warehouse today and C was supposed to work tonight, which just leaves A (supervisor) and S (photo tech) after 5.

8:50: we call S and he can come in at 1 to help work on truck untill 5 when the other photo tech leaves

9:00: The truck is schedules to be here now, it isnt.

10:00: Still no truck, we call the store it was going to before us, they just got it 20 minutes ago. We'll probably get it at 10:30

11:15: Truck still isnt here, we call the other store again, we're told the truck left 10 minutes ago. Its only a 5 minute drive from their store to ours, where the **** is the truck?

12:00: We get a call from the distribution center, the truck broke down and never left the last store. Someone should be out to try to fix it in an hour and they'll call us to let us know whats going on.

12:50 Pepsi delivery, I check them in, they start to bring the stuff in and I wander off.

1:00: We discover that the Pepsi guys dumped all the stuff on the floor in the aisle, they're supposed to stock the shelves and the coolers. We call our Pepsi rep and leave a message on his voicemail

1:15 Somone from Pepsi comes and puts the stuff where it belongs

1:30: Its been more than an hour and we havent heard back from them. We call the DC, they're going to try to reach the driver on his cell phone.

1:45: They DC calls back, the driver wont answer his cell.

2:00: B calls our SM, leaves a message.

2:45: SM calls back, we tell him what's going on. He says he'll call the DC.

3:00: Our DM gets involved, she calls the store beacuse B called here too and left a message on her cell. I tell her whats going on. She then asks if anyone has called the other store to see if the driver is there. Nobody's tried that yet. She'll give them a call.

3:15 SM call back, the truck wont be at out store today. We'll get it at 7:45 tomorrow morning, he tells me and B to go home and to send K (cashier/clerk who was on in the afternoon to help with truck) home to save some hours. I have to come in at 7:30 tomorrow, on my day off, to unload a truck that will be 22 hours late by the time it gets to us.

3:30 DM calls back B takes the call this, but I'm on my way out so I dont know what she found out.

The whole day was pretty much wasted. We did nothing but burn up hours. If we had found out earlier that the truck wasnt coming today, I could have left, K could have left, B could have left, and S could have left and come back for his original shift at 5.
This is what I wanted to do all day:
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Old 08-04-2006, 03:17 AM
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Speaking of truck mishaps, years ago we experimented with unloading the trucks during the morning. The truck would come in at 5 in the morning and the unload crew would start unloading it at 8.

The DC used to put a padlock on the truck door, presumably to keep theives from getting inside or something. The driver would unlock the padlock before leaving the store.

Well one morning the driver forgot to take the padlock off the truck. None of the managers' keys fit the particular lock that was used. So we had to sit around for nearly two hours bashing at the lock with a hammer and trying to cut the shaft with a bolt cutter.

The DC has since stopped padlocking the trucks.
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Old 08-04-2006, 10:16 AM
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Oy. Stuff like that would happen to me all the time. I'd be told that I was there for a certain task. However, I couldn't start said task since the things necessary to do it were inconveniently absent. Thus I'd be stuck looking for something, anything to do. And by the time I could finally start, it was too late.
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Desk-On: Apply directly to the forehead.
Desk-On: Apply directly to the forehead.
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