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Net10 sucks, but Best Buy customer service did right by me
Old 05-17-2012, 12:18 AM
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Smile Net10 sucks, but Best Buy customer service did right by me

My cell phone just wouldn't turn on anymore. Husband had a Net10 android that he didn't use that much and didn't want to spend the fifty bucks a month it required to use. Plan was, he'd give his phone to me, I'd transfer my old Net10 number to his phone and he'd buy a new phone and get a new number since he had been getting some calls from some people that just wouldn't listen that their friend's number had been given to someone else.

So Friday afternoon I bought online a fifty dollar card from Best Buy to activate the android phone with my old number. Got it set up, after an hour it was working fine, things were golden and I was happy. Saturday night I went to work, used the phone around midnight-thirty, was happy. Around 3am co-irker asked me to call his phone because he'd taken his out of his pocket, set it down and lost it. My phone did not work and the message said it was deactivated. WTF?

Sunday morning I call Net10 and explain what happened. Guy tells me that the airtime PIN I had given them (on Friday, mind you) was expired. What? I told him I just got the new phone on Friday and that I had purchased the airtime PIN on Friday and he said it had been activated in April and was expired and I'd have to buy a new one. What?

I explain again that I had only had that phone since FRIDAY, May 11, and it was now May 13, there was no way that PIN was activated in April. He put me on hold several times to "speak to his supervisor" and always came back with the same story. I finally gave up after telling the same story seven or eight times, got short with him and told him I was calling Best Buy and that I would call them back.

Long backstory, I am sorry about that. Anyway,

I called Best Buy Mobile's customer service line. Was pleased someone was there on a Sunday. Promptly forgot the lady's name. Told her my story once. She asked me a few questions, put me on hold for about ten minutes, and got back on the line. She told me she called Net10, demanded a supervisor, told her my story, got told that airtime PIN was activated in April, and the BB rep called her on her bullshit. Not sure exactly what was said, but managed to get my airtime reinstated. I waited until today to make sure they didn't turn it off again, then pulled up Best Buy's website and after searching for several minutes to find a place to email them, sent in the most positive, glowing review I have ever written.

I'm serious, this lady took a really bad day (work had been a nightmare and my co-workers left before the work was done, leaving me holding the bag) and made it more hopeful. I can't live without my phone I think, and this one is really really cool (my first android phone). I'd like to know how she did it, but then again, maybe not. I wish I could remember her name. I'm hoping that they can figure out who she is by my order number and the date.

I had to get this out... it's made me so happy all week so far.

Old 05-17-2012, 05:42 PM
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they can figure it out by order number, most likely.

As for the service you received, it's outstanding. As for what she told Net10? no idea. could be something about proof you're right (their transaction records woudl state when you bought the card) could be something else. (depending on when BB got the cards themselves, it might also have included a threat re: future orders. Since if they're getting already-activated cards... I doubt it would matter if the supervisor ad authority over purchasing or not.)
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