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My husband is making this move difficult

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  • My husband is making this move difficult

    I started this thread, so this is a continuation, but the topic is different.

    short story, the husband is too hungover to help me pack and move our stuff into storage. Also, not helping me load/unload truck (really, just give 10% of himself into moving, mostly).

    Important point, husband is a program developer so 2-3 days out of the week he works from home. Sometimes he isn't working he should be. Then he gets in a panic because he was goofing off. Also, we picked a house and we are going to the process of getting it. It should be ready by July 27.

    So husband got July 3,4 and 6 off. I got a moving van to put stuff in storage. I looked for storage near our house here and our new house. I found a storage that had a good price and good reviews that is in between the two houses, mayb 14 miles away from here. We get the truck, and I'm loading it because husband has to work (from home) though most of what he is doing has to do with closing the house sale. Also, middle of the day he has to go to the title company, which is more than 20 miles from here. He forgot to get a cashiers check, so he had to find a bank branch near the title company, but his bank is a small bank (ie, not Chase, which has a branch every 2 blocks here in Houston) So for a good 2 hours he's gone. I'm packing the truck, he gets back, we go around 7pm (I was loading the truck since 9:30 am, and it's maybe a 10 foot truck) to the storage place. He bitches that I should have gotten a place near our (BIL) house so we don't have to travel far, he has to work. we were suppose to take the truck back by 6pm, but I called to extend it. So husband decides on Sat to load more stuff and take it to storage. Now he does do most of the unpacking of the truck on both days, but the second day there wasn't much in the truck, only half full, and he didn't give me more time to put more in the truck.

    He bitches that he needs to work. He then drinks on Sunday and is too hung over to work on Sunday or Mon. Yes, he has days off but he has a project he needs done, so he's panicking.

    So I get a truck for last Sunday, 7 days ago. Friday he drinks, Sat. he is hung over, and he tells me Sunday he has to work, definately we can get a truck for Wed. He's actually so hung over from Friday he can't do anything Sat or Sun, and he naps most of Sunday.

    Wed., he says he is too busy to pack the truck, and I push the matter to get the truck. So we get the truck and he suppose to work but doesn't really. I load it up, he puts in 3 heavy boxes, I do the rest. The truck isn't full, he wants to go though with what we have to storage place. Then I lost the key to the truck. We look for it and he tells me to go to the truck store, the website says they will charge us $25 for a key, but they don't have a key, I had to call the company. I chat with the truck company and they send a guy to make a key. Before I chat with the truck company, we take out boxes thinking I left the key in the back of the truck, and I open a few boxes, but I lost the key right before we were going, so I doubt it would be in the truck. My husband puts everything back but he does a shitty job, like boxes are stacked waist high and the truck is full that way, with shelves just haphazardly but in.

    So instead of going that night he says lets do it tomorrow, for he has to got to work (about 3 miles from the storage unit) for something. I thought we were going in just the rental truck, but no, he wants me to follow him in his car. So Wed night he calls his friend over so they can play Madden 21 or 22 or whatever is the latest. I only agreed because I thought I can add more stuff, and I straighten the mess he made in the back of the truck.

    We leave the house at 10 am Thur, because he has a daily 8 am and 9am meeting.We get to the storage unit, and he leaves with his car. I'm stuck moving 1/2 the stuff ( some of the shelves were heavy) and I start getting mad.
    1)I'm by myselft unloading the truck
    2)I should have drove there at 8am when I got up, if I'm going to unload this by myself. It would have been cooler.

    Also, he comes back then said he forgot something at work and I tell him to go then. He finally comes back, moves a few boxes, then sits on one of my boxes (goodness knows if his ass broke anything in the box) to rest and I tell him, "you don't rest, I havn't rest, get moving." he says, "yes drill sargent."

    I tell him all the reasons I was mad at him. Yes, I was being a bitch but I was so frustrated with him. It would be one thing if he actually was working when he said he needed to but maybe he would work 1 hour out of 8. Rest of the week I see him working but he gets so hung over, even when we are not moving. Like today, he got up around 11, I had chicken soup for him when he got up, he went back to bed, he got up around 4pm, he ordered food, we watched a movie, then around 6 he went back to nap. Yes, he did drink last night, I'm not sure when he went to bed.

    Yes, he is an alcoholic, he knows he is an alcoholic. At different times he went to AA meetings, then he went to the doctor for meds more treatment. He can't stop when he starts drinking.
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    It's still wrong that he failed to help you in any way. Making you do all the work. I can understand him having to work from home. The drunkenness I'm less forgiving on, but still can understand his problem. But gaming with a friend? No, no, no.

    You've every right to be livid with him.
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