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Are any of you painters, like oil on canvas?

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  • Are any of you painters, like oil on canvas?

    I know we've got some artists in here, and I had a question.

    I'm thinking of dabbling in alla prima painting (that style, anyway) a-la Bob Ross.

    Does anyone know where I can get those colors (especially the "midnight black") or their equivalents without me actually having to buy that particular brand of paints?
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    Start small and cheap and work your way up as your skill and interest in the style increases, but I would say that with pretty much any type of art. There's nothing quite like having a collection of expensive art supplies laying around that you have only used once or twice before deciding that particular form wasn't for you.

    As for specific colours, check art supply stores near you and see what they recommend. There are a lot of different brands and tube sizes out there, and I have found in the past that sometimes the crappiest little tube of colour provides the most pay-off in terms of colour and texture, so it's a bit hit or miss depending on your preference.

    Good luck on your journey!


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      I would suggest you read up on color mixing. When I took painting class in college, oh so many years ago, we were instructed to get a specific set of colors (brand was at our discretion, I think?) and then we would mix our own.

      I remember Titanium White, Alizarin Crimson... I don't remember the others, but there was a second red that was rather different than the crimson, a very intense blue, and a yellow. We were told that we could pick up a black if we really wanted, but that it was better to mix something that was black-ish and vary it rather than just plonking black down on the canvas.

      Art supply stores are a great resource for suggestions, at least if they're good stores.
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        If you're looking for specific shades, this appears to be his default paint color set:
        Alizarin Crimson, Bright Red, Cadmium Yellow, Dark Sienna, Indian Yellow, Midnight Black, Mountain Mixture, Phthalo Blue, Phthalo Green, Prussian Blue, Sap Green, Titanium White, Van Dyke Brown and Yellow Ochre.

        Pics of the color set here.
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