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  • Very weird Facebook messages

    So this week I wake up to this delightful collection of messages:

    'My son is busy making his girlfriend a mum...if he can't do it right,we'll get the family to help'
    'We had to shrink my daughter's mum as it was getting too big for her and you couldn't see her behind it.... '
    'We just decided to buy my daughter a new mum from the shop-her friends are borrowing some of their older sisters'ones '

    We had a full thread of these from my Texan friends before someone clocked me in on what the hell everyone was going on about.
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    ...Flowers??? I hope.
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      Mum is an Americanism for Chrysanthemum, a large flower frequently used as corsages for high school dances (at least they were when I did such things). Chrysanthemums are also a large ornamental plant frequently used in landscaping.

      Somehow a flower doesn't seem to fit in well with those remarks.
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        A little Google-fu has lead me to enlightenment.

        I have friends and relatives in Texas (My father was raised in Texas). Never heard of it before.
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          Mum is a fairly unused term nowdays, but both my mom and grandma used it. I do know that florists still use it because it makes their paperwork easier.


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            My Mom still uses it, but one of major Hobbies is flower gardening.
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