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Does anybody run?

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    Quoth KiaKat View Post

    I made the mistake of running road today. Ow. Ow ow ow. Ow. *cough hack wheeze* stupid sidewalks.
    I had been running inside for the past month. The cold air was a painful blast yesterday. I expected t, by maybe nt that badly. I'm still coughing.


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      Quoth Amina516 View Post
      Fit is a state of mind! Lol. But really, I did the couch to 5k in a span of like 9 weeks and while I didn't fully prepare me it gave me a good baseline. Try that program if you can. I definitely need some upper body strength. Damn cargo nets.
      I'm trying, but I can't even do the first week yet. I did it once, months ago, and I just haven't been able to do it again. It doesn't help that I haven't gotten three runs in a week since July. Still, I've noticed major gains in my fitness.

      Right now I'm doing Podrunner Intervals Begintervals, and when I can do that I expect to be able to move on to week one of C25K.
      The High Priest is an Illusion!


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        I just got an email for a 5k thats happening in a month.........


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          So proud of you, Amina! So proud. There's so much to be said for that feeling of accomplishment. Keep it up! Soon enough, you'll be posting about your next running/obstacle escapade!