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Positive Thoughts and Prayer needed

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  • Positive Thoughts and Prayer needed

    Several things have been going on recently. Hubby is in need of positive thoughts and prayers. Here is what all has happened:

    First in July Social Security sent Hubby a letter that they were taking his disability away. He had a review hearing yesterday to try and get his disability back.

    Second three weeks ago Hubby wrecked and totaled our car.

    Third two weeks ago today, while driving the car that was totaled to pick up the check so he could go get the truck he found, one of the tires on the car blew. While he was changing the tire he punctured on of the Fibromas from the Neurofibromatosis on his right hand. It has not healed and two days ago it started looking like it was getting infected. Today he saw the Dr and she had him admitted to the hospital, called in a surgeon and now, it looks like they are doing surgery to remove the fibroma tomorrow morning.

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    Sending you and the rest of my extended family as many good vibes, thoughts, and prayers as possible. And lots of virtual *hugs*
    "You are loved" - Plaidman.


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      Sending a prayer up. This sucks.
      "Is it hot in here to you? It's very warm, isn't it?"--Nero, probably


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        You know you always have my prayer and thoughts when you need them. *hugs*
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          Just talked to Hubby. The local surgeon is afraid to remove the fibroma because it is on the nerve that controls the hand. They are going to treat the wound and have him see his specialist. His appointment there is on the 21st.


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            Praying for you and hubby. Time for some good luck!!
            When you start at zero, everything's progress.


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              The Neurosurgeon came in. Surgery is on for in the morning.

              They did a MRI study of his hand and determined with the Neurosurgeon and the hand surgeon that it would be safe to remove the fibroma.


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                Good thoughts headed your way.


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                  Surgery was a success. He just came out of recovery and is already picking on the nurses.


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                    Glad to hear that Hubby is on the mend.

                    Sending good thoughts that everything else works out...



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                      Hubby just can not catch a break. Infection has set into the incision.