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    I love my nerd friends. Soooooo much!

    My BFF from high school's birthday is in early November. So, naturally her birthday party is always a themed costume party. We and most of our friends are huge nerds from every corner of Nerdom. This year's theme was villains and we ran the gamut from comics to movies to anime. A few highlights:

    --The annual Little Caesar's trip. It's tradition to go in full costume. And because BFF is a graphic designer and seamstress and offers her time to help anyone who needs it, the costumes are dang good, thankyouverymuch. So this year's pizza crew included TDKR Catwoman (BFF), Harley Quinn (me), Bane (SW), Queen Nehelenia (SN), a ninja (S), and the one poor normal girl we drug along for the ride. It's amazing how blown people's minds get when you do something unconventional. Like dress up after Halloween. We had to wait a bit for our pizzas (we ordered a lot), so SW and S were doing Gangam Style in our little corner of the restaurant. Pretty sure we made the Little Caesar's employees' lives a little more surreal.

    --The other tradition is party games. Usually it's Rock Band, but this year it was Just Dance. Now, the adult beverages are a-flowin' at this party (I myself don't partake but most everyone else does). Drunk people playing a dancing game? Hilarious. We had to move a couch in the basement to have enough room to play. Some of the co-op dance routines includes actual partnering work where the dancers have to hold hands or link arms. Seeing four guys absolutely refusing to do so was pretty funny.

    --Probably the best part about this party is as our circle of friends expands, we get to meet fellow nerds. I spent a great deal of the evening discussing Kingdom Hearts with two other girls who are also big fans. We lamented the fact we will likely never see Kingdom Hearts 3, although we're excited for the HD rerelease (seriously, Square, just take my money!!). Much lamenting was had over Disney's acquisition of Lucasfilm and speculation abounded on whether or not the new movie is going to suck.

    Next year's theme is crossplay. Which should be all kinds of hilarious. Already some of our guy friends have tossed around the idea of dressing as the Powerpuff Girls, Powergirl, Supergirl, and pretty much any other superheroine who wears a mini-skirt.

    As for me, I'm going to tackle my most ambitious cosplay project ever: Advent Children Cloud Strife. Probably going to need to start on it soon. I'm already a bit intimidated by the idea of making the Buster Sword. And the paldron. And trying to find the wolf broach that goes on said paldron. Finances will probably dictate whether I buy a wig or try to spike my hair myself. Let the good times roll!
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    This thread might help for the pauldron. I know I've seen ring/necklace versions on ebay, as well as graphics you could use as a guide for sculpting it.
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