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Little update to my kitty thread

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  • Little update to my kitty thread

    First off, I want to thank all of you who responded. I really appreciate your feedback and ideas.

    Well, I called my vet--I'm not ready to ditch them yet because I've never really put my foot down with them. I felt that in this situation that was the first step. It turns out I was worrying for nothing because the blood test they wanted to do this time wasn't as comprehensive as the one they did in August and would therefore be about 1/3 the price so instead of $130, it was a little under $50. More manageable than I thought.

    So I did that Friday and got the results yesterday. Not good news. Basically since August we have increased his potassium dosage and instead of going up or holding steady, his potassium levels had dropped even further. I asked what that meant and the vet replied "most likely it's kidney failure." Not what I wanted to hear. We are increasing the potassium dose even further and will do another electrolyte screen in 4-6 weeks. That should give a more definitive answer.

    In the meantime I've looked for an alternative to his pottasium brand because they upped the price per tube by $7 dollars. I think I've found one--the manufacturer's labels are pretty much indentical and it's the same price I'm paying now.

    So, it looks like it might be hitting the final stretch for my kitty-cat.
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    I'm so sorry. Kidney failure is a bad diagnosis. No such thing as dialysis or organ transplants for cats.

    Hugs to you and kitty.

    "If you pray very hard, you can become a cat person." -Angela, "The Office"


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      flybye I am so sorry you are going through this. I wish I had a suggestion but I know nothing about how to fix your kitty's potassium levels.

      Hopefully the next round of blood work will give you some answers. There is a cats forum I visit that has members who may have experience dealing directly with these issues. I will PM you the details. Hugs during this difficult time.