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Seriously, madam, just give cash ....

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  • Seriously, madam, just give cash ....

    I got logged out of CS for a while and it took me some time to find the my Book of Magic Words so I could log myself back in.

    I had a customer come through my line the other day wanting to buy a gift card (for our store, IIRC). We have been warned when ringing gift cards in to watch what comes up on the monitor; if someone is buying a "Liquor Store" gift card but what shows up on the monitor is "Big Electronic Store" ... that card has been compromised. You will pay for it and your money will vanish into the Pit of Scam and when the recipient goes to use the card ... there will be no money on it. So there's that.

    Gift Card A is one of those with a range -- $25-$500. The customer tells you how much they want to put on it. Customer says $125.

    Then she informs me she wants to pay for Gift Card A ... with Gift Card B. Oh, but only in part; there's not enough money on Gift Card B to cover Gift Card A.

    Me: *sigh*

    I had to call up a supervisor as I've never done this before. Turned out to be pretty straightforward.

    THEN she tells me she's going to give me cash ... but not for the entire remaining amount.

    Me: *glowering under my mask*

    She counts out the cash and I enter that.

    Finally she pays for what's left with her debit card.

    Santa's gonna leave a LOT of coal in somebody's stocking this Christmas ...

    (I didn't put her in Sucky Customers because she was quite nice throughout all this. It's just that it was very much a "WTF?!?" transaction.)
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    ~ Mr Hero

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    For scam-related reasons, I've never heard of stores allowing people to purchase GCs with other GCs. o_O Then again, it's been a while since I was a register jockey.
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      Quoth EricKei View Post
      For scam-related reasons, I've never heard of stores allowing people to purchase GCs with other GCs.
      One store wouldn't even allow GC usage and GC purchase on the same transaction.

      I was buying a $25 GC and $30 of other stuff, using a $25 store GC (obtained with CC points) and $30 cash. That had to be processed as two transactions.


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        Wow, those are interesting examples. I do have to say (does it matter?) that Gift Card B was also one of our cards, but for a subsection of our store (can't get any more specific, LOL ... let's say Gift Card A was for Store Name in general and Gift Card B was for Electronics specifically). I don't know whether that mattered ... would have been interesting, perhaps, if they'd tried to use a generic VISA gift card to pay for Gift Card A.

        Our store (maybe our entire chain?) seems to be very lax in many ways in terms of security. For example, we have no way to verify that $50 and $100 bills are genuine ... we just take 'em and give out the change and into our cash drawer they go. If they later turn out to be fake, well, sucks to be Big Grocery Corporation.
        Customer service: More efficient than a Dementor's kiss
        ~ Mr Hero


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          I guess in a way I am partly responsible for those gift cards. When I was a patent examiner one of the patents I issued back around 2002 was for gift cards. I recall it had something to do with reading the bar code though a slot on the back of the card holder.

          I never saw the point of gift certificates and cards. Just give cash.
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            Yeah, gift cards seem like an extra step in giving money. though when i worked in the bookstore, I love collecting the Snoppy and Hello Kitty cards.
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