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The benefits of working for a "pass through" agency

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  • The benefits of working for a "pass through" agency

    So government funding 101.
    Your agency's equipment budget won't be based on something logical like how many employees you have or the volume of workflow... no, it is based on a percentage of your total budget.
    The agency I'm at acts as a pass through, meaning the state gives us the money to distribute to other entities. Here's the beauty though, that money is counted as a revenue to our agency and as an expense to our agency. Consequently, our equipment budget is ludicrously high for how many employees we have.
    What does that mean for me?
    That means that I got a brand new, it was taken out of the box the Friday before the Monday that I started, laptop. A brand new, still in the box laptop dock, still in the box wireless keyboard and mouse, and a no questions asked veridesk. I did get monitors that were about a year old, but monitors last forever. And this wasn't a low end laptop, it was an Intel i7, 16gb ram, 1tb SSD, easily over $1,500 laptop if it weren't being purchased through a bulk discount.
    I started working at this agency just under three years ago. My old laptop was already at the end of its service life per our hardware replacement policy. Just yesterday I got my new laptop which is just as high end as my old one.
    I compare this to the last agency that I worked at where the laptop I got when I started there was already a year and a half old, I used it for three years while working there, and for all I know, the person who replaced me is still using it.
    I can't recommend working in a pass through agency highly enough.
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    It's nice to have equipment that works well, isn't it?
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      My last job they gave me a refurbished laptop that they bought for $150.... At a place that was marketing themselves as a technology company. I asked if I could use the $150 and pick up a laptop I could refurbish myself. They said no because they didn't want me to have something nicer than everyone else just because I know how to fix up laptops.


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        I don't know if that was wise or spiteful on their part. Not that you'd do anything, I'm sure. But should that be discovered, who knows what one of your co-workers might've done.
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          They all knew I rebuilt laptops as a side business. One of the lower managers even tried to to use that and have me start rebuilding them for everyone, but the top managers didn't think it was a good idea. In the end I just rebuilt one that I used for everything but connecting to the company network. The IT guys didn't care that I was doing all my work on it and then using a usb drive to move it over because they all knew I had better security software than they were allowed to install on the company computers. When they let me go, they found that the $150 laptop they gave me looked just as it had when they gave me and that the cpu and memory had been upgraded


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            Quoth Ghel View Post
            It's nice to have equipment that works well, isn't it?
            That's what she said
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              Quoth smileyeagle1021 View Post
              The agency I'm at acts as a pass through, meaning the state gives us the money to distribute to other entities.
              That made me realize I worked for a pass through agency, My agency made a lot of money, and passed it through for congress to spend.

              Kind of the opposite of your agency.
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