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  • You didn't know this, but now you do

    These are not sucky customers per se, but the situations were sucky.

    1) We have hot deli and cold deli foods. Some is pre-packaged or packed by our staff; other items are self-serve (now that COVID is gone HAHAHAHAHA ) So Customer #1 comes up with two containers of self-serve cold deli stuff. I weigh it and the total for both containers comes out to $20 and change. Customer #1 and his other half are dismayed. "Oh, I'm sorry, we don't want that after all."

    Me: "Okay." *puts containers to one side*

    Customer: "Do you want me to put it back?"

    Me: "No, I'm sorry, but it's going right into the trash."


    They were appalled and I could tell they were really sorry (and also couldn't understand WHY it would now be garbage) but still didn't want either container. They had seen $2.19 on the sign and didn't see the "per unit" part of that ... *sigh*

    Even worse, the customer right behind them did exactly the same thing. So at that point I had three containers of food destined for the dumpster.

    2) PART of this one was my fault. Customer and family come up with a moderately sized order, composed mostly of multiple things (multiple boxes of frozen breakfast sandwiches and slabs of cheese) with that are to be discounted. The frozen breakfast sandwiches? Free.
    BUT ... I did not read the tiny print on the coupon that said "One coupon per sale." So I started ringing them up (scan the item, type in the sale price and hit the button for "Mfr coupon". I got through two and the machine locked up. So I called over a supervisor ... and SHE read the coupon. However, she said she'd see if she could over-ride that. She went off to consult with somebody and I went to the other stuff.

    Scan the first cheese slab with 50% sticker on it and tell the customer the price.

    Customer: "Oh no, that's too expensive; we don't want those."

    Put half a dozen slabs of cheese off to one side.

    Okaaay. Scan the first package of cold cuts with 50% sticker on it. Tell the customer the price.

    Customer: "Oh no, that's too expensive; we don't want those."

    Put eight packages of cold cuts off to one side.

    Another half-dozen items that are now "returns." And they are all "cold returns" which means they have to be returned to their proper place in the story fairly quickly. They had one package of cold cuts that was slightly different than the others but by that time I was so annoyed with them that I couldn't be bothered to check the price on it; just shoved it off to one side to be returned with the rest.

    Meanwhile supervisor has come back and said yes, she will override the rest of the "Free" coupons so they can be used. So they got those, at least.

    I mean yeah, by all means, fill up your buggy with discounted foods and THEN decide, at the register, you don't want them. The meats AND the cheeses would have had signs up giving the regular price; it doesn't take an astrophysicist to figure out what the sale price is while you're standing there.

    Luckily, since the supervisor had to be there to override those bloody "Free" coupons, she grabbed all the returns and took them back to where they belonged, so they didn't sit up front very long. Normally the store is quite good with that, but once in a while you get a situation where we're slammed and even the perishables just get tossed into the "Returns" cart. When that happens you know it's going in the dumpster out back.
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