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    At my work, we have about 50 employees at 5 branches. Most work at the main location, and each of the other branches only have a few (3-6, I think). But I'm not sure about that, because there's no employee directory or organizational chart. I'm sure I've complained about that here before. We have a telephone directory, but all the tellers have one extension and none of them are named, for example. There's 33 named people on that phone directory.

    Every day, we get an email for who's out that day. I frequently see names on there who I have no idea who they are. If it's somebody I've spoken to before, I might know their name. I know the upper management, the lenders, and that's about it. So when I see that Peggy's out today, I'm going, "Peggy? Who's Peggy? When did she start?" For all I know, she's been working for the bank for years, but how am I supposed to know?

    I started my own document of "who does what" along with their phone extensions. Then if I need to talk to someone about an automatic payment, say, I know who to call. But "Peggy" isn't on that list. I still don't know who that is.
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    I hear ya. Here's an even worse story: I've been at my current job for two or three years now (it's all blurring together) and I still have trouble with the names of my immediate coworkers -- by which I mean other front-end staff. Anybody who works in another department, well, forget it. I will NEVER know their name.
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      ... I will NEVER know their name.
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        Cute song. But then we have: You Never Even Called Me by My Name

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