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Wow...that was dumb on your part, wasn't it...?

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  • Wow...that was dumb on your part, wasn't it...?

    I think this goes here, as I'm not really cursing anyone out, but sharing the stupidity of an employee, that doesn't really have an effect on me. More of an "and this seemed like a good idea, why?" kind of thing, that involves CWs, Managers, etc.

    so, as I've mentioned before in previous posts, we're in the middle of our huge buyback season on textbooks. As an added bonus to the program, we arranged with one of the campus programs to allow us to set up a remote buyback location at their parking lot, for the students who don't want to schlep on down to the actual store.

    Now, one particular Co-irker (whom I'm not too fond of, but who seems to think we get along just FABULOUSLY, but that's another story) has been the main person running the remote buyback. I originally asked if they wanted me to do it, since I've been at the store longest, but textbook manager L said he'd much rather I stayed at the store, since I could get a buyback line down faster than anyone else. Ok, no big.

    Now, Co-irker has done nothing but bitch bitch bitch about having to be the one doing buybacks. Again, nothing new, since she bitches about everything she has to do at work. I generally just ignore her. Now, since she's out in a parking lot, alone, with a box of cash where she's running buybacks, we have a police officer who hangs out with her, for company, protection etc.

    Today, however, store manager K and GM manager D decide they're going to make a lunch run for anyone who wants chinese, and decided to stop at the remote to see if co-irker wants anything. And what do they find...?

    Co-irker. Fast asleep.

    Cop. Fast asleep.

    Cashbox. Out in the open. Still closed and full, but yeah.

    Needless to say, this did NOT go over well. I heard about it secondhand as D and K were discussing action to take while I was running around completing web orders. D even mentioned, "Hey, we could have Lupo do it!"

    Thing is, remote buybacks run 10-5-ish, depending on how long it takes to break down the tent, load up the books, etc. That and i don't have a car, and no one at the store has shown any inclination to drive anyone anywhere who doesn't have a car. Like hell I'm walking all over campus with a box of cash, laptop computer and other necessary accouterments. I've been working from 7:30/8-ish to 3. I don't wanna stay even later, especially since D's been having me clock in earlier and earlier every day since other CWs are calling out. Gyaaah. Thankfully, K and L stood ground and decided to keep me at the store. Yayness.

    I'm now morbidly curious what's going to happen to our resident Rip Van that evil of me??

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    Not the least bit evil. And I really want to hear what happens to co-irker and cop.
    Labor boards have info on local laws for free
    HR believes the first person in the door
    Learn how to go over whackamole bosses' heads safely
    Document everything
    CS proves Dunning-Kruger effect


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      How is that even possible?
      I can understand one of them falling asleep, but shouldn't the other one have leaned over and poked 'em or something?
      I really want to hear what happens next on this!