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  • Good News, Bad News

    The bad news is... my Employer's contract with The Client is ending, and New Company has outbid them and will be taking over the contract with The Client. We were informed back in July or thereabouts, and then later informed that we would, in fact, be laid off at contract's end. All of us started looking for new jobs, applying for contracts with Employer (and in some cases, going through the process to switch from being contractors at The Client to being staffers (i.e. directly employed by The Client)) and updating our CVs etc. This included me, and while I got a couple nibbles, nothing appeared to be moving forward.

    Not going to lie, I was getting low-key stressed about it. I told my folks, and predictably my Mom started worrying. I only told one of my roommates, 'cuz I knew he'd be chill and not stressed over it, while a couple of my other roommates would start stressing, and they're stressed enough.

    The good news is... New Company reached out to me last month and asked for my CV. I provided it... and then didn't hear anything for a couple of weeks. I'm still low-key stressing, but then last week, the woman from New Company reached out again, I sent another copy of my CV and contact info. This time it took. And a couple of days ago, she called me up again to state that New Company was going to be making me an offer.

    Instant weight off my shoulders. She called me again early that evening to reiterate that the offer would be coming the next day, and then again on that day (yesterday) to confirm that I'd gotten the email with the offer in it. I said I'd gotten it, and did the thing to formally accept it. There's still a few forms I have to fill out and background check stuff to do (credit check, mostly -- I still have my security clearance from The Client), but it comes down to this-- I'll be doing the same job I'm currently doing, in the same office and building, for more money.

    Soon as I got the offer and accepted it, I finally told my other roommates about it, and while they were surprised, they also understood my logic for not telling them at the time. Actually thanked me, too, for looking out for them and their own stress levels.
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    That sounds like a rollercoaster of stress and relief. Congrats on your continued employment! Glad to hear you'll be paid even better.
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      What a lucky break!
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        Glad to hear it! May things continue to improve for you going forward.
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          Forgot to bring this up last week...

          So Employer had been keeping us informed that the end-date for the contract was the 28th of September. (One reason my stress levels had been getting so high.) I got the offer roughly two weeks ahead of that date, but don't yet have a start date. (New Company needs to do their own background check.) Which left me wondering what that would mean for me. I was even informing my colleagues about a potential hiatus situation, and making arrangements to have my in-progress projects and such saved into our share drive.

          On the 27th, email comes from Employer rep that an extension had been granted on the contract, to allow for the crossover to finish. Which gave me some relief again, because I'd still be able to go to work and get paid.
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          There are only Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse because I choose to walk!