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WOW way to keep me updated on my order.

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  • WOW way to keep me updated on my order.

    I got a good chuckle because I really did get the mags very quickly (about 3 days) at a time most places were taking a week or longer to ship. OR were sold out. But today I got this. Now if I would just get the gun I ordered from a Dist 3/20. LOL

    Order Status Changed

    Hi Bob

    An order you recently placed on our website has had its status changed.

    The status of order #numbers is now Completed
    Order Details
    Order Total: $LOTS USD
    Date Placed: 25th Jan 2021
    Payment Method: USAePay
    Products shipped
    Cart Items SKU Qty
    Magazine, Cartridge, 5.56mm, 30-round, NSN 1005-01-615-5169, Black, with win
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    Why a gun? Can't you just throw the bullets at the target? I'm sure if you threw enough of them it would hurt. Even hurt more if you left them in the box.
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