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customer tried to cause problems for me.

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  • customer tried to cause problems for me.

    Just felt like sharing something which happened at work this afternoon. I'll call my fellow co-worker "Ivy", and the customer in question was "Fairuza".

    I will refer to the customer in question as "Fairuza". She's probably somewhere in her 30s, has a somewhat nasal-sounding voice, and also has a heavy accent. I happen to have issues with audio-processing, and let's just say that sometimes I can understand Fairuza just fine, but other times I can't understand a word she is saying. She's also one of those customers who can be a bit pushy and demanding and gets upset when staff can't/won't do what she wants.

    Fairuza hasn't been into the library lately, but she decided to stop by this afternoon to use the computer. Apparently, her cell phone battery level was getting low, and she came up to the service desk to ask about using phone chargers which the library gave out. I couldn't really understand what she was saying, so I referred her to Ivy for assistance. Fairuza seemed annoyed that the library didn't have phone chargers which we could let customers use, and she tried to tell Ivy that I'd just told her that we lent out cell phone chargers. Ivy's response was "No, she didn't say that". To which Fairuza replied "If you don't want to help me then, it's fine!", made a dismissive wave with her hand, and went off to talk to another customer who was using a library computer.

    So, I was definitely appreciative that Ivy had my back and was willing to support me against a customer who was trying to cause problems.

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    Do you think she meant to steal it?
    Customers should always be served . . . to the nearest great white.


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      Quoth Kristev View Post
      Do you think she meant to steal it?
      Honestly, I don't think so. From what I've seen of "Fairuza" in the past, she just has this sense of entitlement and gets bent out of shape when/if staff can't do something she wants.