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Can Parents Really Be This Dumb? By NightWolf

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  • Can Parents Really Be This Dumb? By NightWolf

    Thanks to XCashier for saving this for us!

    At a hotel I used to work at, we had a front desk rep. call us on the
    security radio yelling that guests were walking by the hotel outside and
    there were kids hanging off the balcony from the 8th floor. Now this is
    an 8 story hotel, and the side they were hanging off was the only side
    of the hotel that had a road running along side the hotel. This was
    also one of the busiest streets in town. So, we go up to the room, knock
    on the door and see about 8 kids in this room. All of them were
    teenagers and sure enough. One of them is literally hanging off the lower part
    of the balcony with his feet just dangling, and he's 8 stories up

    We start chewing on the kids telling them that it's not too bright to
    be doing this. The parents come walking in and immediately start yelling
    at us. "Why are you guys in our room with our kids?!?"

    We tell the parents what the kids are doing, and (I sh$# you not!) She
    says...."I don't see a sign on the windows saying the kids can't hang
    off the balcony."

    We all sat there in amazement. My boss says..."Lady! It's called common
    sense! Get some!"

    The lady actually went to the front desk to complain about the fact
    that security would not let her kids hang off the balcony. The desk staff
    was speechless. They had no idea what to say.

    We also had cases where during kids groups, the kids would see who
    could climb down from the 8th/7th floor balconies and make it to the
    bottom. Of course, the adults staying with the group would just ask, did ya
    make it down? The boys would say, yep! He would pat em on the back and
    say GOOD JOB!!

    What the heck is wrong with people these days? I would have killed my
    kids had I caught them doing that crap!
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    Yeah, parents can really be that stupid, although that sign thing is new. *shudder* I was on a couple of those trips with those d---ed annoying kids and i was extremely worried the whole time that we'd get tossed.


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      I don't know whether the police should have been phoned or not.

      If they were, mommy dearest would have been thrown in jail for child endangerment and the kids might actually grow up.

      On the other hand, if they fall and kill themselves, the parents were warned and it'd be a great Darwin Award story.
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        Sigh...[old fart voice] Remember the good ol' days when people that stupid got eaten by lions, tigers and bears, oh my?[/old fart voice]
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          Jesus, you're freakin' kidding me! I would've definitely called the police and informed them of the situation. Mom would've definitely gone to jail because I am sure she would've gotten shitty with the cops and I would've shaken the cops hand as she was led off.
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