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Changing Room Horrors By Retail's Bitch

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  • Changing Room Horrors By Retail's Bitch

    This was waaaaaaaaay back when I first signed up on the boards, and was the very first story I'd ever posted on CS.

    It was the discount store quite a number of years ago. We were getting ready to strip and wax the floors and the store was virtually empty except for a few stragglers here and there. We'd pushed ALL the clothing racks to the outer walls of the store so the floors could be cleaned and stripped.

    I was manning the fitting rooms and letting people in and out. In the interest of Loss prevention, we always went through the change room before a customer went in, grabbed the hangers and any clothes the previous customer had left behind. I let a woman in the fitting room and noticed an bra/panty hanger on the bench and something crammed in the corner of the fitting room under the bench. At first I thought it was a t-shirt or something equally random and boring.

    Then it hit me, and as the words, "Can you reach under there and grab that for me?" left my lips, they died on my lips. I realized what it was and quickly backpeddled. "Umm nevermind I'll get it."

    Putting my foot under the bench I slowly dragged it across the floor. Bringing the garment closer as I realized that it wasn't a t-shirt but rather a VERY VERY VERY large pair of VERY VERY well-worn women's underpants that fall open to reveal a very disgusting surprise inside.

    Somebody had actually had the nerve to shit themselves, change their underpants in the change room and leave the old ones behind for us to clean up.

    Obscuring them from the customer's view, I dragged them under my shoe (sandals actually (shudder) ) and kept them there as I attempted to flag down an employee for help.

    So here I am, standing beside the change rooms, ontop of a shitty pair of underpants and everyone's too busy to stop and see what I want, because they're too busy moving shelving and stuff for the cleaners.

    Finally I get somebody to stop, because it seems they all just think I'm being lazy, not wanting to leave the fitting rooms to go get somebody.

    "Please! Ben! I need a plastic bag and a hanger!"


    "Ummm I found something, I don't actually want to touch, but really really don't want to leave here."


    "Just please go get a bag and a hanger. PLEAAAASE!"

    So he does, and I throw out the bag, and the underpants and the hanger I'd picked it up with. In the subsequent years working there, I'd seen clothing with sweat stains returned, clothing with rips, clothing that smelled like cigarettes and clothing covered in pet hair. Never again working there did I ever come across clothing covered in shit.

    Thank god.
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    That is sooooooooooooooo disgusting!
    I mean, even if someone had some kind of problem and had an accident, you don't leave your soiled panties in the dressing room!

    They should supply you with several sets of disposable tongs and a hazmat suit if you work in that kind of environment.


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