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Military Lending Act website is craptastic

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  • Military Lending Act website is craptastic

    For certain types of loans, we have to check if any of the borrowers are in the military. If they are, we have to give them an extra disclosure.

    The US military set up a webpage where lenders can (have to) check to see if their customers are/were in the military. It is the biggest piece of shit. Sure, it looks nice. Professional. But it sucks.

    Anybody can set up an account. You just need to give it your information and respond to an email "verifying" the information you provided. As long as you know the name of a lender and the name and address of the bank they work at, you too could see what a piece of shit this site is. I don't think they even match up the info you give them to any database. I've had to go through this process at least 4 times because I've gotten locked out or my account has "expired" multiple times. But no worries, the same person can have (or had) multiple accounts on the site. Just use a different user name.

    But don't expect to be able to get on the site right away. Once you verify your info, you'll need to try to log in to the site. Frequently, the site won't process your login, but it won't give you an error. It will just flash "Logging in" and then pop back to the login. You can try clicking on the "records request" link, but that will just bring you back to the login screen. Try again later, and maybe it will let you log in.

    But if you do manage to log in, it won't take you to a records request screen. No, first it brings you to the "Manage Account" screen, I guess so you can update your info if you need to? But there's no button to say everything's correct. Instead, you have to click the "record request" link at the top of the screen to continue.

    Now if you're lucky, you can enter the customer's information and get a result of whether your customer is in the military or not. If you're not lucky, it will ask you to complete some captcha BS. "Click all the bicycles." "Click all the traffic lights." If it makes you go through more than one of these, you might as well give up and try again later. It's a never-ending cycle. I've done more than a dozen of them before giving up. Try again later in the day or the next day, it works fine. It wastes so much time. There might be a military joke here somewhere, but I'm too frustrated to try to find it.
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    Obviously designed by military intelligence. </reference>
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      .mil for real are even worse.
      Every official site sucked ass, I wanted pronhub to take over BUPERS site so it would run right.
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