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Fired, and I still don't know why. . .

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    Quoth Kiwi View Post
    I hope that first pay cheque with all the back pay helps to quell some of the unbelievable stress you have gone though in the past few months.
    The attorney for the state warned me when I signed the settlement that it would take them a bit before they could pay the back pay out, that it wouldn't be on the first paycheck and would probably take a few months.

    On the plus side, the office I'm now in is also in the building that contains the payroll office for my agency, so if they are TOO slow about it, I can walk down the hall and talk to the people who process it.

    Quoth eltf177 View Post
    I suspect the back pay will be paid out over time, not in a lump sum...
    The attorney indicated that it would be paid as a lump sum, it just wouldn't come on the first paycheck.

    Quoth Gilhelmi View Post
    Also, its probably complicated because they never had to do anything like this before. Having to figure out the strange paperwork while being rushed is never an easy adventure.
    . . .and that's why I'm not immediately blowing the whistle about retalliation. I know my situation is rather unique, and they are having to find a way to wedge me in to the caseload, and that a situation like mine comes up less than once a decade (my boss implied he'd seen something at least similar early in his career, roughly 20 years ago).

    Quoth sstabeler View Post
    still, it could be worse- they could have tried to give you your old job back by stealth- as in, working under the guy who got you fired.

    it's also worth noting that it shouldn't be a great surprise things are complicated reinstating you- they will have hired a replacement for your old job by now anyway, even if you were willing to work for the asshole that got you fired, and there was not necessarily a vacancy to put you in. Since they're paying for you to drive to the other office, then who really cares?
    My settlement agreement with the state explicitly says I work in an office other than my former one, which means not under my old boss. It was a term of the settlement I was going to insist on, but they already offered up.

    As for a replacement, remember that I'm an Officer of a law enforcement agency with roughly 800 officers spread across dozens of offices across my state. They get openings on a fairly steady basis, so while it may be a tad awkward to put an Officer into an office with no vacancy (like the settlement mandated), they get vacancies on a fairly steady basis as Officers transfer to other agencies (we have a fairly high attrition rate).

    As for the paying me to drive, yeah, I figured out that the travel they want me to do will get me travel vouchers which should roughly give me a 20% pay increase. Essentially they are paying me 20% more because I'll have to be doing so much driving. Still sucks, but it'll do for now.

    I'm formally getting sworn back in by a Judge tomorrow. I'm making sure to get good photos of it, my family and friends want a good pic of it as a sort of trophy of my victory in this whole matter.


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      A small, brief update.

      Friday I was sworn back in as an Officer by a local Judge. I got some decent pictures of it that I'm giving out to family and friends as a little trophy of my victory.

      Yesterday I wore that shirt to work for the first time, the shirt embroidered with the badge of my agency and "Officer Silverstaff" on it from much, much earlier in the thread.

      Slowly getting settled in. I know this story is basically over, but I'm just updating as things get settled in. I figure the last part of this story is me getting settled in at the job and getting my back pay.


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        Another brief update.

        Today I had a man visit me in my office, he said he was processing my back pay, and had a few questions to ask. They were fairly routine questions, but it was odd he asked them in person instead of by e-mail. He only introduced himself by his first name.

        He sent me an e-mail to recap our conversation. His e-mail signature revealed that he was the Director of Personnel for the whole cabinet department (i.e. the person in charge of the personnel/HR system for the parent bureaucracy above our agency).

        I guess he wanted to take the opportunity to meet the person behind all this. It also means they are definitely working on my back pay. He said it should take roughly another month or so to pay out the back pay.


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          Quoth Kiwi View Post

          Can I be nosy and ask what you plan to do with it?
          My wife and me have already decided that the money is going towards a down payment on a house.

          We've been living in apartments and rental homes for as long as we've been together, and this is a rare opportunity to have a big lump sum of money suitable for a down payment dropped on us.


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            An update for today. . .

            When I got my job back, they said I would have to repeat a refresher course at the Academy (basically a week of classroom continuing education, getting my First Aid/CPR certification renewed, and two weeks at the range getting re-qualified on my sidearm and doing refresher tactical training), due to my break in service exceeding one year.

            The refresher course is timed to finish at the same time as the main Academy graduation for new officers. That meant my old boss, the one who fired me, was there in the crowd to see me get my certificate saying my certification was reinstated and see me handed my new badge. When I looked into the crowd, he was NOT smiling at me being up on stage being handed my badge, he had a distinct frown on his face. I avoided him at the reception afterwards, I think it was a mutual sentiment.

            On the downside, my pay for mid-month just posted, and my back pay is STILL not in it. It's now later than they said it would be. I was told in the first week of June that it would take a month and a half to two months to pay the back salary. It's still not paid, and this was the first paycheck after the two-month line. I'm going knocking on some doors on Monday morning, because they owe me tens of thousands of dollars and are past-due on it by their own schedule.


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              Quoth Minflick View Post
              Can you email back to the man who came to speak to you personally and ask him what the hold up still is?
              That's my plan. The guy who came to speak to me is now only about 50 feet down the hall from my new office (after all the office politics, the only place they could find for me to have as an office is a repurposed storage closet in that wing of the building). My plan is to e-mail him tomorrow morning, firmly but politely wanting to know what's going on with my money.

              If he doesn't answer in a day or two, I'm going to knock on his door.


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                Quoth EricKei View Post
                This thread has been nominated for War Stories.

                We're currently working on Gerrinson's thread, so we'll take a look at this one after that.

                Silverstaff, if there's any noteworthy new info to report on this one (hopefully not! ^_^), please Reply ot this thread.
                The only noteworthy info is an update bureaucratic maze to get my back pay (and back vacation time, seniority ect.)

                Back in early June, the head of the payroll branch of HR for my agency came to my office to ask a couple of questions about getting my back pay set up. He said it should take about a month and a half to two months to process. At the two-month line I e-mailed him and got an automated response saying he was out of the office. As I would find out later, he took a long vacation in the late summer and then went to another job in the State government.

                In early September, once it had been well past two months, around 3 months at that point, I e-mailed him again. . .he forwarded the e-mail to someone else. The HR clerk he forwarded it to presented me with a pile of paperwork to fill out so I can get my back pay, and I'm sorting through that and should be turning it in later this week. The clerk said I should (finally) get my back pay within a month of turning those papers in.


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                  A big update, and quite possibly the finale of this story.

                  Today, at long last, I got my check for my back pay.

                  5 months and 1 week after I re-started my job, they finally handed me a check for a big five-figure sum and credited me with the vacation time that I would have earned in my absence, and the time I had to cash out when I was fired.

                  Work is work, and going at least adequately well. I've blended in to my new workplace with my old agency.

                  My wife and me are already looking at houses, planning on using the money for a down payment.


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                    1. No, I'm not going to the media, because I still hope to transfer around to another agency in my state government, and one of the terms of the settlement was to remove all records of the termination, basically trying to act like this never happened.

                    2. State regulations didn't let them pay me interest on the back pay, I'm still fighting for the back vacation and sick leave.

                    3. No action, that I was aware of, was taken against my former supervisor. I'm sure something was said in private, but he didn't lose his job over it.

                    4. Yeah. My usual office is about 30 minutes from my house, but once or twice a week I have to drive to another office about 90 minutes away. I do get paid mileage for the extra drive, and that adds up to several hundred dollars a month, so while I'd rather not be doing it, I'll deal with it for now.