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KabeRinnaul 11-02-2011 04:06 AM

Thinking of starting a supernatural-themed RPG
I've been thinking of running a game on here for a while, and if I get enough interest, I think it's going to be a modern supernatural game. The best decription I've got so far is if the World of Darkness Hunters were part of an organization like The SCP Foundation. And yes I'd be taking quite a bit of inspiration from both. Characters would be "awakened" in that they'd see through the glamour of various supernatural races - as in, most of the time, they'll be able to spot a vampire/werewolf/fey/etc on sight. Many will also develop further talents, but nothing to put them on the "superhero" level - a good example of an appropriate power level would be something like the "Jedi hand wave", or being able to go unnoticed (like a personal Somebody Else's Problem field), or enhanced strength/toughness (though I think Captain America-level would be the absolute limit here). Emphasis for character skills would probably be on combat and/or research, and I'd suggest that anyone who has powers beyond seeing through glamour have a lower overall skill level.

Anyway. Anyone interested?

Mytical 11-02-2011 09:03 AM

You know I am :D

Sarlon 11-02-2011 02:29 PM

I'd be up for that since i got voted out of my hunter game here in town :(

Kheldarson 11-02-2011 02:48 PM

I think I'm required to be interested :P

But you know I've been wanting to do a paranormal RP for a while.

Dreamstalker 11-02-2011 03:33 PM

I haven't played RPGs in quite a few years (my last game was some weird hybrid of Ghostbusters International, CoC and whatever interesting sourcebooks the GM had found that week), but I'm in :)

dragon_wings 11-02-2011 05:03 PM

I'm intrigued.

KabeRinnaul 11-03-2011 03:40 AM

Alright, I've got a run of five days off in a row (it's been closing shifts, thus the lack of replies from me), so I'm going to write up some info for the game and either post it in a thread or link it. In the meantime, let's get some character info on here. Just basics:
  • Name and Code Name (if wanted - Mr Johnson can be Agent Johnson if he wants - but any code name will be less "007" and more Reservoir Dogs or American Gods - Agent White, Agent Blue, Agent Green, Agent Wood, Agent Town, etc).
  • Place of origin (anywhere from just the country to a specific city).
  • Background (doctor, police, teacher, military, etc) and any specific skills that stand out.
  • Powers beyond seeing the unseen, if wanted. All characters will be able to see the supernatural - that ability is what led FEND (the Foundation for Extra-Normal Defense) to recruit them to begin with.
  • What role the character is expected to play in FEND - research, field agents, or something a bit more specific.

For examples, here are a couple of NPCs I'll probably use (both pulled from a story Kheldarson and I are writing, which the Foundation also comes from - though there the Foundation are major antagonists).

Name: Cassandra <Last name classified> (Agent Cassandra, or just San to friends)
Place of Origin: London, England
Background: A number of odd jobs over many years. In addition to having general knowledge on a number of topics, Cassandra is highly skilled with a sword and many firearms, but favors a pistol. She also serves as a counselor for the Foundation, helping ensure that the job's stresses do not overwhelm newer agents.
Abilities: Cassandra does not age, and has never physically progressed beyond roughly 30 years of age. However, she has been serving with the foundation for ███ years, but prefers remaining a field agent over taking any higher position.
Role: Field Agent, Medical, Counseling.

Name: Mr. Black (Black has consistently refused an Agent designation or code name. His full name is classified.)
Place of Origin: Italy, or so he claims.
Background: Information broker, <classified>, and all-around jerk.
Abilities: Black is able to mimic others, copying both superhuman abilities and physical skills. His is considered one of the more powerful abilities seen in the foundation, and would be considered an EN-2 were he not working for us.
Role: Field Agent, Command.

Mytical 11-03-2011 12:17 PM

Name: Fred Masters..Agent Silver
Place of Origin: Iowa
Background: Private investigator.
Abilities: Perfect memory, Heightened Observational Skills, and he has psychic visions * (see below)
Role: Investigator (field agent).
Skills : Basic Hand to Hand Combat, Firearm training (mostly small firearms), Knowledge of Most state and federal laws, Photography and film knowledge, Forensic Photography, Interview Techniques, Stealth and surveillance, Forensics and research/electronic surveillance.

When he first started having the visions he would pass out for hours, now even the most powerful of the visions would just bring him to his knees in pain. The majority of his visions are of the past, but a very rare few have been of the future.

KabeRinnaul 11-03-2011 07:17 PM

First one works fine. Any mundane skills of note?

Mytical 11-03-2011 07:24 PM

I'd say the normal for Private Investigators, whatever that might happen to be. Some minor self defense (Chuck Norris he is not). Might need to pick somebody's brain for what skills would go good with a PI. He'd definitely have small firearms training (Concealed Carry).

Edited the post for some of the skills google says is required for a PI.

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