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Mytical 06-26-2013 08:43 PM

"I am Derrick Soul," He shows you a badge with Interdimensional Police on the outside, and his name and badge number (1321-21-21) on the inside. And .. I don't call lighting, that is Electra. I ... turn into him. His name means Soul of Lightning, he is .. like living electricity. I can summon him into my body for a short time, because of some items I found a long long time ago."

He pauses to drink some more water, and you notice his power level increases a little more. Apparently he needs liquids to build up his power.

"I don't remember much after summoning him, but if he was talking to somebody it was probably the IDPD, the squad I work with and for. They should be here soon. As for WHAT that beast is, and how it gets around I am not one hundred percent sure. I am not sure even Electra would know...that was a first for me...and I've seen some weird things. Looked like a skeleton of a mammoth, but it was at least three times the size it should be."

He pauses to take a drink again, and this time the power level does not increase, so he is probably at that level until he starts building to summoning this 'Electra'

"The void was someTHING (he puts emphasis on the word) opening a rift in space and time. To summon that creature we fought. We sensed a buildup so in a way we knew it was coming, and a general idea of WHAT, but was not prepared for that."

He slowly gets up. "As for why nobody really noticed the creature, me, or Electra... most people only see what they want to see. Since you can see me, that means you can cross dimensional boundaries."

Ghel 06-26-2013 10:57 PM

Sapputiyok looks confused. "Dimensional boundaries?"

Xe shakes xer head, as if to clear it. "These others who are coming, are they like you?"

Mytical 06-27-2013 03:33 AM

He sits there and thinks for a few. "As much as you are like me, yes. If you mean my species. I don't think so, though I am not sure if Silk is coming or not. If you mean .. well just hold should meet them. They are here.."

He stands and greets two others who seem happy to see him. One is a humanoid bulldog with a spike collar and spiked wrist bands. He wears two chains in an X pattern across his chest. Your character can feel he has some power, but it would be very minimal. This being stands about 6'7", with wide broad shoulders.

The other, however, is .. different. Xer sense of power seems to be .. confused when looking at the second one. Not picking up anything at all (which would normally mean the individual would be dead), but xer instinct tells her not to trust xer senses with this one.. at least not xer power sight. The individual's skin seems to be yellow ((Would your character know what gold is? if so, you would know that this person seems to be forged from gold)). They seem to be almost androgynous as your people. The individual has strange pointed ears, and long long flowing golden hair. Even the clothing, while it looks to be 'casual dress' is made of the finest gold. When they walk, they seem to more .. glide, almost as if their feet do not touch the ground. For some reason when the being known as Derrick sees this person, his cheeks turn a bit red.

"Pitbull! Goldie!! Am I glad to see you!" Derrick seems to brace himself for something.

The large canine individual rushes him, and picks him up in a bear hug. "Derrick! We had thought the beast had gotten you!"

"Can..t brea..the!" Derrick manages, and the larger being sets him down.

"Yes, yes, forgot about that! Just happy to see you old man!" even though the canine looks older then Derrick.

The golden ones voice is soft and musical. A bare wisper, but yet people can hear it well enough. "You must stop scaring us like that." You notice the golden one keeps their distance, however. Even though even Xe can tell the two want to greet each other more intimately.

"Oh! We better warn our guest." Derrick turns to you. "Please whatever you do, avoid contact with Goldie." He points out the golden figure. "Though we can often get people back, her touch turns anything she touches to gold. Good thing she does not require either food or drink."

Ghel 06-27-2013 01:48 PM

((I think my character would know what gold is, since it's a basic element. Let's say it's rare in this part of the world, but the merchant has traded gold or gold objects on occasion. It would normally register as an inanimate object on the sixth sense.))

Sapputiyok tries to hide the amazement on xer face as xe looks back and forth between the newcomers. Xe starts to put out xer hands to greet the newcomers, then puts them down. "I... My name is Sapputiyok. I am one of the weilders of the Gift." Again seeing a lack of recognition in their faces, Sapputiyok explains. "I can see things without looking at them, and I can move things without touching them. I used these abilities to help Derricksoul" (spoken run together, like a compound word) "-- or was it Electrasoul? -- defeat the bone beast."

Sapputiyok addresses Derrick. "Begging your pardon, but the Electrasoul is not you, but it uses your body? And you don't remember what it does while using your body? That sounds terrifying."

Mytical 06-27-2013 04:17 PM

Derrick nods "I remember bits, and pieces, but not everything. It's like a dream when I am away. I trust Electra, so it is not scary, but after? I .. die for a short time. I come back, but it is always hard. Now, you said that you might get in trouble with your boss. We have two options to handle that. You can come with us, and start a new job..with perks and salary which you could barely dream of, or.. we can speak to your boss. You would get in no trouble with them."

Ghel 06-27-2013 06:22 PM

Sapputiyok's eyes widen, a field of black against xer blue eyelids. "You want me to go with you? Across dimensions? To worlds where people like each of you are common? Where I could meet more strange and amazing beings? To help you fight creatures like the bone beast?" Sapputiyok's voice rises in pitch with each question. Still, xe takes a moment to consider.

"I would no longer have to work for that lazy, egotistical child of a kelalogak." Sapputiyok pauses to look each of the strangers in the eye, with an intense, serious expression. "I will go with you. I simply ask that I be allowed to say goodbye to my parent and siblings. Can I take a few things with me? Will I be able to return, to visit, in the future?"

Mytical 06-27-2013 06:26 PM

It is the one called Goldie who responds. "You may say goodbye, but make no mention of the IDP or traveling dimensions. Feel free to take anything you think you need, and you may returns as often as you want..however, at no time can you explain to anybody about us, the IDP, or crossing dimensions."

Ghel 06-27-2013 08:43 PM

Sapputiyok barks a laugh. "Ha. As if anyone would believe me anyway. No one paid much attention to the bone beast or to Electrasoul. They would think I spent too much time out in the sun."

Sapputiyok looks uncertain, as if afraid that the strangers will disappear before xe returns. "So, I'll just run home and say goodbye to my family and pick up a few things. You'll wait here for me, then?"

Mytical 06-28-2013 02:59 AM

Bulldog gives a hardy laugh "If Derrick tells you that the sun is made of pudding, get out your spoons. Never known him to say anything that is not the truth. Can't say the same for Electra, but Derrick would sooner eat lava then tell an untruth."

Derrick looks a little embarrassed at the outburst. "We will be here, and shall wait for you."

Ghel 06-28-2013 03:23 PM

Sapputiyok rushes off down the street and returns about an hour later with a bag across xer shoulder. "I'm ready to go."

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