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Pixelated 07-05-2019 02:27 AM

One, two, three, let's panic!
My doctor had given me a form for bloodwork.

Last February.

It's been hanging on my calendar since then.

I have no phobias about needles; I'm just a procrastinator. I also usually have a light snack around midnight, and of course this test means you have to fast for 12 hours, so that would mean I couldn't get the blood drawn until noon the next day, and yada yada yada ...

Yeah, in short, I'm a procrastinator.

Finally, the last time I went to get my meds refilled, my doctor asked my pharmacy to write on the bags: "BLOODWORK"


Okay, I can take a hint. So last Friday I went to a medical centre I'm familiar with to get the deed done. The place was eerily empty -- LOTS of empty offices. I'm familiar with this place from long ago, so I was wondering WTF happened as I was trying to find the lab. Finally got there, got it done, and left. *phew*

Come home today to a phone message from my doctor: "Please call to make an appointment."



To my amazement, when I called (around 7 p.m.), the clinic was still open. Receptionist called up my file and said yes, I needed to make a followup appointment ... within the next three months.

Cue the plummet from Red Alert to Green like an out-of-control descending elevator ...

I mentioned that I'd gotten the bloodwork done and if she didn't already have the results, she'd get them within a day or two. She said yes, they had them, and that was what had prompted the doctor to request the appointment ... for a standard followup for a diabetic patient.

Guess I'll have to pay off that student loan after all, dammit.

Buzzard 07-05-2019 05:43 PM

Yay, diabetes. The gift that keeps on giving.

Ah well, on the bright side, those of us that choose to take care of matters end up eating/living a bit better. Those that don't... help the next batch make the choice to take care of matters.

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