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Slave to the Phone 02-13-2019 01:58 AM


Quoth Ironclad Alibi (Post 1377023)
It must be that hidden feature that reads the fingerprints on the cd. When it sees a new set of fingerprints, it jams.

(Hee, hee, hee. I may have just started a new conspiracy theory.)

And I have passed it on.

My friend is involved with a small band and had one of their latest discs in her car. She was bragging on the band art on the disc label and pulled it out to show me. When I handed it back to her, she put it back in her gizmo and turned it on so I could listen and admire.

It got stuck and wouldn't play, so I apologized and told her your theory. My fingerprints were new, so that meant it belonged to someone else and could have been stolen. One of those anti-theft things they do now to stop copyright theft...

She stared at me for a minute while trying to decide if she believed me, but then I blew it by laughing.

Our theory now is that it happened because it was the 4th disc printed in the first run of 10, but no worries. She went home and told her husband that the brand new disc had gotten jammed in her car gizmo because of new anti-pirateing technology and happily reported that he started complaining about new gizmos when the old ones worked so much better and were easier to fix. :roll:

When this "theory" spreads and you folks start hearing about it from other folks...remember, you saw it here first!

Ironclad Alibi 02-13-2019 02:46 AM


Quoth Slave to the Phone (Post 1377184)
And I have passed it on.


When this "theory" spreads and you folks start hearing about it from other folks...remember, you saw it here first!

That makes two on my list of accomplishments.

The first was when the following happened:

When I became engaged to Mrs. IA her mother approved, saying she was after she would be like her single maidenly aunt. Mrs. IA replied in shock that she was not a lesbian. Her mother said her aunt wasn't a lesbian, just a very successful woman.

I have since passed that description of the several lesbians, who agreed with it. I'm waiting to hear it repeated.

As for the aunt she had very close lady friend. Judging from the vintage photograph books she had, she was definitely into the ladies.

The other conspiracy theory I tried to start was in response to an Omni magazine contest. My submission was that the Air Force already had a manned base on the far side of the moon and all the UFOs being sighted were their moon ships. It never got mentioned in the magazine, so it must be true.

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