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l F0CUS l 08-14-2007 09:50 PM

New Manager
We just got a New Manager at our store, and thankfully, he is very involved with talking to all of the employees and actually seems to understand that yes, the customer can be wrong.

Our new Manager is young, and he understands the ins and outs of customer service, and has never been afraid to give us tips.

The best thing is that he understands the the kids that work at our store have to put up with an amount of abuse from the older people, who get pissed that the kids are getting promoted to positions like floor and bookkeeper while they have been their a lot longer then they have, only to have us leave and go to college.

Our new Manager is also very good at giving praise, and when we do something wrong will rectify the problem and make sure you understand the correct course of action, with out making you feel like an idiot in front of a customer.

He also will let us break traditionally policy as long as we know that we have seen him do it before, such as this time when one cashier scanned the same gift card for 12 different gift cards, they all have to be scanned individually or else they won't activate. I had seen go through the procedure, and was able to help the customer out in 5 minutes instead of having him come down from his meeting with his boss.

New young understanding managers rock.

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