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Kati 12-18-2007 09:31 PM

Hey all
Hi. Um, I'm not new here, well, I'm new, but I've been registered for a couple of months, been reading all the old threads at home (for some reason this site is blocked by proxy at work, which I don't understand, 1/2 the stories I read here make my work look GOOD in comparison.

So, anyway.

I currently work for the 2nd largest ISP in Australia, (well, it was when I started, but things have gone downhill since then, so we might have lost our 2nd spot) in the customer support call centre. Which means as long as you can't hear it in my voice, I can make all the hand gestures I like. (Although I was listening to a call of mine that had been taped, and you could hear me smack my forehead with my hand at one stage... Whoops.)

For those in Australia - think ads with animals, and you know where I work. Please don't hold it against me.

It was actually a couple of team mates who told me about this site, so :wave: to you guys.

I'm really good at side tracking myself when writing to others, so don't be surprised if I go off on tangents. And then my tangents have tangents. And so on, until I end up back where I started, going "What? Huh?"

Anyway, I thought it was finally time to getting around to saying hello, considering I feel like I know most of you already.

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