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Pixelated 05-08-2020 09:19 PM

We don't taaaaalk anymore ...
Although I'm beginning to think nobody here ever did.

Had an early shift today, 8:30-12:30. Schedule says I'm on register #7, which is the last one in the line. I go to sign on and ... there's piles of stuff on the belt.

I go to the supervisor's window. "Hey, there's a bunch of junk at register #7. What should I do with it?"

Confusion ensues.

Ultimately ... "Oh, we're not supposed to use #7 except on weekends. Go to #6."

Okaaay ... but that kills the whole "social distancing" thing, since we're supposed to only staff every other register and somebody's already on #5.

But okay, whatever. I log onto #6 and start running customers through. The store is frantic and the lineup never stops, there are no breaks (in between customers, I mean; I did get my scheduled break on time).

Around 12:25 I look over to [Shift Supervisor]. "Hey, is my replacement here?"

SSup: "Yep, she's right over there."

At 12:29 she comes over, just as I'm finishing a customer, and says "Okay, I'm here."

I say great, and we exchange places. I clock out, go upstairs, grab my stuff and start back towards the stairs.

Higher-Up Supervisor: "Wait, are you done?"

Me: "Yes. 8:30 to 12:30."

HUS: "Didn't he ask you to stay?"

Me: :confused: "What? Didn't who ask me to stay?"

HUS: "[SSup!] He knows somebody has called in sick; he was supposed to ask you to stay!"

Me: "Well ... he didn't." (And of course I had just spoken to him roughly ten minutes earlier ....)

HUS: "And you've already clocked out ...."

I don't know if she was hoping I'd offer to clock back in, but ...nope. I bought some groceries and left. :rolleyes:

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