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Pixelated 01-18-2019 09:08 PM

Student loan and the Twilight Zone
Finally called the student loans people today to ask a simple question about a form for the Repayment Assistance Plan (which might be on the chopping block soon ... )

Staffer: "Hi, thank you for calling the National Student Loans Service Centre; my name is Pixelated, how may I help you?"

Me: :jawdrop:

Yep. She had the exact same first name as I do. It's a pretty unusual name so we were both a little stunned there for a couple of minutes. :lol:

Trixie 01-18-2019 09:51 PM

When I was a kid I was the only Trixie around. Went to school with one girl who's name was close but she was a jerk. Anyway, fast-forward many years and a move half way across the country and there are Trixie's everywhere. Including one of my managers so it's fun when they page to try to figure out which one they need. Guess now I know where all the Trixie's have been.

csquared 01-18-2019 10:57 PM

At my current employer, I hired my friend AW. Turns out, there was another AW working in the ddivison in another department, that we routinely worked with. Yes, both AWs would be in the same meeting.

A few years later, we consolidate departments and AA is moved into our department. We now have two As in the department.
About this time, the other AW leaves the company. My AW starts getting all of his emails.
About 6 years ago, my AW leaves. We hire a new person, AK, to replace him. AK is often referred to as "A 2.0" (we should have waited for 2.1).
Over the next couple of year, we hire hire AM & AP.
AK left about two years ago.

For those keeping score, we currently have three As working in the department, two former As, both who were on my team and one of which was a full name match for someone in another department.

Nunavut Pants 01-18-2019 11:17 PM

Interesting. This used to be a problem with the name "Dave". About 15 years ago, there were a whole lot of Daves around. In fact, it was kind of famous..."Too_Many_Daves"

There was also a concept in Engineering schools called the "Dave:female ratio". It was usually close to one, that is the number of females in Engineering classes was usually very close to the number of people named Dave in the class...

At one point, I worked in a cube farm where there were fewer than a dozen people. Four of them were named Dave. And they were, in fact, Dave A., Dave B., Dave C., and Dave D.

It looks like other names may be taking over for Dave...

Mental_Mouse 01-18-2019 11:28 PM


Quoth Nunavut Pants (Post 1376180)
Interesting. This used to be a problem with the name "Dave". About 15 years ago, there were a whole lot of Daves around. In fact, it was kind of famous...

. . .

It looks like other names may be taking over for Dave...

Another Dave/David here... in one elementary-school class I got stuck with "Davey" as the junior of three Davids The webcomic Narbonic also introduced "The Dave Conspiracy". (To give you an idea of just how far-reaching and powerful they are... when the protagonist gets kicked out, people spontaneously switch to calling him "David". :devil: )

notalwaysright 01-19-2019 03:45 AM

When I was at the technical college I had the worst time remembering names because they all started with D. Dave, David, Don, Dan, Daniel. Ranging from middle age to just graduated high school. Also, at the same school for about two quarters there was a girl with the same name as me! First time in my whole life, including school and work.

When I quit at the fabric store there were three Megans, each spelled differently. In high school it was all Kellys and Jessicas and Melissas. You can likely easily guess about when that was based on those names, huh?

EricKei 01-19-2019 04:15 AM

A relative of mine has a similar issue --

Relative is named, shall we say, AB. He got his license to practice a certain profession for a certain company. Once he did this, he googled to make sure he could get his name for his (mandated by Corporate) individual promo website. Found out that there is another AB, in the same profession, who works for the same company, who lives halfway across the country ^_^

Trixie 01-19-2019 06:01 AM

Something I just remembered. At one point we had a Mckayla, Kayla, Katie, Kylie and Hali. At another time we had 3 Jessica's, at least they all worked in different departments. Mostly though we just used their last names to tell them apart.

mjr 01-19-2019 10:55 AM

I've yet to run into anyone in person with my name. Although I think I did once. It's one of those that one could consider unique, and also has a less-common spelling, apparently.

Though I did Google it, and there are a number of people with my first name all over the U.S., I've never actually met any of them.

Pixelated 01-20-2019 12:10 AM

My name has a weirdly widespread heritage ... it is not uncommon in Gaelic countries, but is also found in the Middle East. :)

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