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Dreamstalker 06-12-2019 12:05 PM

When I was selling online, I once had a Priority Mail package take three weeks to get from NM to VA. At one point in the journey it actually reached VA (the next town over from the actual destination), then for some reason backtracked through CO. Coordinated inquiries from both the buyer and myself (with associated documentation and tracking scans) finally shook it loose...I was never reimbursed for the "two day" service (despite the fact that it took far longer than two days and was due to no mistake of mine).

Victory Sabre 06-12-2019 06:21 PM

I'm right now having fun with shipping. I was supposed to receive a package at work on Monday the 10th. It didn't get to town till the 10th, so I assume the USPS will get it out Tuesday.

No dice, and no updates on the tracking Tuesday.

I checked again today (Wednesday), and find out the package is in Des Moines, Iowa - 5 hours south of my central Minnesota home.

WTF!?! So it gets to my town and to my post office, but then is then sent to a city 5 hours away?

I'm guessing someone made a mistake.

Now, when will I ACTUALLY get my package?

Buzzard 06-12-2019 07:02 PM

Looks like I'm not the only one seeing this. I've had 2 in the last week go to the regional center (with the monster sorting machine), then go ... places, only to go BACK to that regional center to go out to the local post office.

csquared 06-12-2019 08:29 PM

As I was reading this post last week...
UPS drops off package at neighboring town.
Neighboring town sends package to Atlanta
Atlanta sends package to town on other side of Atlanta from me.
They return package to Atlanta
Atlanta send package to my town.

I could have had the package on Tuesday. Instead, I got it Saturday.

Argus 06-13-2019 11:24 PM

I've heard that it is possible to update the tracking location for an entire truck or other container at once. The location is applied to every package that they know is inside rather than individually scan each item.

How many of the observed tracking anomalies can be explained by the interaction between this and human error?

Buzzard 06-14-2019 12:40 AM

In my case, I know exactly where the regional facility that services the post offices in the area is. Since it's ~30 minutes by truck, things can go from there to delivery here the next day. When it takes 4 days to go from that facility to here... yeah, there's just a little problem with the works.

raudf 06-16-2019 01:37 AM

Years ago had two go on walk-about Waldo and Carmen That was fun and it was all on FedEx, because the moment they were in USPS hands, they arrived a day later.

Of course, USPS has had it's fair share of stupid, but never that level of "Your package is in another castle."

CyberLurch 08-06-2019 03:04 PM

... and here we go AGAIN. Ordered more memory for my aging laptop from a seller in Columbus, OH on Friday. Shipped USPS on Monday. Handed off to DHL, according to the tracking. Where is it? As of Tuesday morning, Hebron, KY (probably CVG), which is 130 miles completely the wrong direction. I'm assuming they're going to put it on a plane bound for who-knows-where (my money is on Chicago. Whenever they pull this nonsense it always seems to involve Chicago). From Columbus to Toledo is only 142 miles. Why is my memory on a plane at an airport in Kentucky? If they'd have left it in USPS hands, it would have been here already. Instead, it's going to pinball around the midwestern US for probably a week.

This is progress?

Ghel 08-06-2019 04:12 PM

Back in May, I had something delivered to me by FedEx. It got from Missouri to Minneapolis in 12 hours, then spent the next FIVE days circling various suburbs of Minneapolis before finally being delivered to me. No wonder they told me the delivery time was 8 days.

CyberLurch 08-06-2019 10:53 PM

This is the tally so far:

Columbus, OH > Hebron, KY approx 130 miles
Hebron, KY > Stow, OH approx 250 miles

Stow, OH is a minimum of 140 miles from Toledo, so at the very least at this point, my package will have traveled some 500 miles before it reaches my door.

If they'd put it on a truck directly for Toledo, it would have traveled only about 130-140 miles.

Oh, and one thing I find particularly amusing (not really) about this is: On that leg from Hebron to Stow, the truck traveled THROUGH COLUMBUS. The package's city of origin.

My old instructor in boot camp had a phrase for things this fracked up. 'Gotta be a communist plot.'

Still betting this thing hits Chicago before it gets to me.

EDIT: ANOTHER UPDATE: Oh, this is priceless!

It's still in Stow, OH. Where it's been handed off to the delivery service (I presume USPS). Where it's STILL about the same distance as it was from its destination (just in a different direction) from where this whole fiasco started.

So many questions. I mean, why is this even a thing? At least two different carriers, pingponging hundreds of miles for several days, just to reach a destination that was literally only a couple hours' drive in the first place? Can anyone enlighten me?

EDIT: YET ANOTHER UPDATE. OMG. The more I watch this the more ludicrous it gets.

The package traveled BACK to Columbus. From whence it originated.
This sounds a bit like The Twilight Zone meets the Three Stooges.

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