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MadMike 11-30-2006 08:03 PM

How this forum will work
This forum is for our members to share their favorite jokes. The same guidelines apply here as in the other forums. Racial, religious, and political jokes aren't allowed, even if you claim to be "just joking." We also ask that you keep any vulgarity to a minimum, as in the other forums; but at the same time, some things in may be less acceptable than we would allow on the rest of the site, so read with caution

Just to be safe, anything posted to this forum by anyone other than a moderator or administrator will need to be approved by one of us, even if your posts are not subject to moderation in the other forums.

That being said, enjoy! :)

Ree 02-07-2007 10:07 PM

Posting Guideline
If you are posting a joke that has been forwarded in your email, please do others the courtesy of cleaning up the >> tags.

It's very hard to read posts like that.

If anyone is interested, I use a free program called "Email Stripper" to clean up my messages quickly.

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