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MoonCat 11-23-2013 06:50 PM

"Oh, excuse me, ma'am, I'm going to need the mouse."

*puts mouse in pocket*

"Now, tech support, what were you saying?"

An Haddock 11-29-2013 03:20 PM


Quoth XCashier (Post 1183250)
Do these people hover over their car mechanic's or plumber's shoulder, questioning every move they make, moving things back and forth and generally kibitzing about every little adjustment? No? Then don't freaking do it to the computer repair people!!!

I wasn't even there and I can feel how irritating that must've been! You just want to yell at these idiots to shut up, sit down and let you do your work, but of course, they'd complain about the "rude" employee and "bad customer service"! :rolleyes:

It's probably my biggest pet peeve of working in the computer field. I HATE it when people hang over my shoulder.

And they try to do it in the shop, too... they don't realize it can take hours to run a hard drive test or a virus scan and think they can just wait in the shop for us to do our thing. Yeah- NO. It doesn't work like that. Unless I specifically tell you I can do something while you wait (copy a file, install a driver, pop in a memory chip) then you leave your computer and get the fuck out of my store.

Then they call three times a day to see when they'll be done. For the thousandth time: I will happily call you when you're done. I DON'T want your computer in the shop. I want your money in the register.

Pardon me while I go beat a random passerby with a laptop.

freespirit114 11-30-2013 02:26 PM

Wow! What a freaking control freak moron!! I think I would have had to walk away from her before I snapped and grabbed the mouse and bonked her in the (empty) head with it a couple times!

Why do people who know nothing, and bring their devices to someone for help hover like that? I can see asking a few questions in order to learn a bit maybe but anything else is overkill. I know enough about all my devices to know when a problem is beyond my ability and it's time to call tech support. Usually I have already run the idiot checks but gladly do it again for the tech who is trying to HELP me. Questioning their every move makes them not want to help me. I get this, wish SC's did too!

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