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fireheart 06-07-2010 02:02 PM

Welcome to

Brain bleach is on tap and the cookies are with EQ. (or Aethian :p)

Also, do not mention a certain B-word on the boards unless you want to attract a certain horse...
:p (just kidding)

And I love reading as well. We even have a thread for it in the Check It Out! section.

HawaiianShirts 06-13-2010 04:36 PM

I think I'm going to enjoy your posts, MoscowMinion.

I spent a year or so in Moscow (the Idaho one) myself. And I learned very quickly that it's correctly pronounced with an "oh" sound instead of an "ow" sound at the end (the way one guy reacted to my initial mispronunciation, you'd think I murdered his puppy). You've got some pretty hills up there surrounded by some rather boring... well... smaller hills. I couldn't live there forever, though--the wheat harvest nearly killed me, thanks to my allergies.

I also spent a summer working in Yellowstone.

Welcome to the boards, and I'm looking forward to some good stories.

Falor 06-19-2010 02:36 AM


Quoth Green_Fairy (Post 732747)
bigger isn't always better! :p

Which is why I'm comfortable in saying I'd rather live where I am than in Alaska -- there might be more space up there, but brrrrr!
My thin Houstonian blood couldn't take that sort of weather. I have trouble enough during our week long winters motivating myself to get out of the nice pet-heated bed to go earn my bill collectors their money.

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