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PoliteBoy 05-03-2019 11:35 PM

Microwave Mayhem
I've dealt with a lot of things in this job that has resulted in me getting screamed in the face. I've dealt with people who don't know how security deposits work, I've dealt with people who refuse to let us take their credit card details and more. But I think I've reached my limit with last night.

I just clocked in and I get a phone call. It's from one of the guests staying in the rooms. They are staying for 4 nights over the weekend from Friday. He goes off at me as to why there is no microwave in the room.

I've had people ask about microwaves in the past and according to my supervisor it's a potential smoke hazard (don't get me started). We have a microwave in the staff kitchen and if people want stuff heated up they can bring food down and get it zapped. We cannot plug it out and put it in one of the rooms though.

The guest had brought a cooler of pre-made meals and he assumed our place had microwaves. I tell the guy this and he just keeps raving on and on about how other places do it and why it's too much trouble to stick it in his room. I keep trying to convince him to bring his food down but he says that he doesn't want to (more like too lazy) to get dressed, bring the food down, have it zapped and walk back to his room. I told him to hold while I got my supervisor.

My supervisor basically repeated the policies to me and I did so again to the guest. Here's where he really lost it. He started to pepper swears into his tirade and complained that he has never been to a motel / hotel with a microwave and that our place was BS. He hung up.

An hour later, he called back and he went on a 10 minute tirade with me, calling the room a prison cell with no window (there is one window that faces the carpark), can't smoke (because he doesn't want to walk down to the smoking area), and lambasted me about the security deposit. By this time I was so done that I froze up in fear and could barely squeeze out an answer.

I was getting very close to snarking the guy and insulting him for his laziness. I was tempted to say 'How about you get your lazy-ass up and bring your food down?' or 'If you don't like it, get out'. I wanted to say that it was his responsibility to know beforehand what facilities our rooms had, but I felt that would have made things worse.

I had to hold it together because two guests came in during the tirade and I had to check them in. I spent the rest of the night trying to meditate and get the bubble of stress and exasperation out of my body. I'm okay now, since I had the night to sleep it off.

The thing is, our motel is more of an overnight sort of place. We provide the basics like a fridge, kettle and toaster. Plus there's an ironing board and iron. People do tend to stay longer periods during busy periods, but that's usually because they're either working or on holiday and so are out of the rooms most of the time. To be honest though, I haven't stayed at too many hotels or holiday apartments so the microwave thing depends on the place's policy. But in all, take your losses in stride or get out.

Pixelated 05-04-2019 12:12 AM

I haven't travelled in years, and thus haven't stayed at hotels/motels in equally that long, but I do remember enjoying the treat of EATING OUT when I did used to travel. I couldn't tell you whether the damn rooms had a microwave or not.

Too bad you couldn't repeat back to him that old bromide about "When you assume" something ...

RealUnimportant 05-04-2019 01:34 AM

I've stayed in some seriously high-class places, and even they only had minifridges and kettles... Microwaves? Hell no!

Oh, there's occasionally an iron or trouser press - I've heard they can be used to make bacon? :D

otakuneko 05-04-2019 02:07 AM

Even the convention hotels I've stayed in over the past few years didn't have microwaves. The cheap motels me and my dad stayed in for vacations when I was a kid sure didn't.

Oh, and if we were looking for a specific amenity, you bet your ass we tried to find out beforehand. Nowadays, I even call hotels just to make sure the TVs in the rooms have an accessible HDMI port for me to plug my laptop into.

Monterey Jack 05-04-2019 02:59 AM

Was this guy's room infested with Gremlins...?

TheSHAD0W 05-04-2019 01:22 PM

I've stayed in lots of motels over the years, and I do recall a handful that had microwaves. They might be more common in certain parts of the country.

Thinking about it, the places that had microwaves might also have been described as "kitchenettes". Don't quite recall.

csquared 05-04-2019 08:18 PM

My preferred hotel chain for travel USUALLY has a fridge and a microwave in the room. Most importantly, I check before I book.

MoonCat 05-05-2019 02:00 AM

"As you are not satisfied with the amenities we can provide, you are welcome to check out at any time. Now I need to end this call as I have other duties that I must attend to*."

*And can actually do something about ;)

CyberLurch 05-05-2019 04:44 AM

I honestly don't recall staying at a hotel/motel in the last 20-odd years that DIDN'T have a microwave. I thought that was just a common thing.

That said, I wouldn't have been all that upset about it if there hadn't been a microwave. In virtually every case, there would be at least two or three restaurants I could order from that would deliver.

I get, though, that some people want to save as much money as possible while traveling, and a cooler full of microwave meals is certainly less expensive than restaurant food. In some cases there are dietary restrictions to consider. Even if I were one of these people, I'd have no problem trucking downstairs to get my food nuked; I'd be grateful to the staff for even suggesting it if the room didn't include a microwave.

But then, I'm pretty sure I'm not normally a giant raging asshole.

taxguykarl 05-06-2019 05:32 PM


Quoth CyberLurch (Post 1379804)
I honestly don't recall staying at a hotel/motel in the last 20-odd years that DIDN'T have a microwave. I thought that was just a common thing.

The upper scale chains typically don't.
Middle and lower tier chains like Tom Bodett's, the one which shares a name with a film format and the one with the bear in pajamas typically have microwaves in the rooms or the breakfast area. And then there are the extended stay with small kitchens.
It is not unusual for a restaurant portion to be too big to eat at one sitting, so Mrs. TGK & I often travel with microwave containers to finish that meal later.

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