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Eireann 08-25-2019 04:43 PM

Slow. Verrrrry sloooooooow.
Yeah, I'm back.

The computer should be running just fine. I'm not doing any heavy stuff on it, like editing videos or playing high-graphics games. Yet, for some reason, I had an experience today that baffles me. I was working on a document in Word and doing some surfing, and the websites just kept freezing.

To give you some background, when the computer boots up, I open three pages. One is for email and surfing, the second is for Facebook, and the third is for YouTube. I use Firefox. Today, everything froze, worked for a few seconds, then froze again. I've been having that problem for some time now, but today, it was REALLY bad.

Sometimes I play a Facebook game on this computer, but I didn't do that today, or yesterday, or the day before. When I do, things slow down so much that eventually I have to close Firefox altogether, then reopen it. But as I said, I didn't play any games today.

I tweaked the computer to use more of its RAM capacity, and I've just downloaded Malwarebytes software, which is installing now. I have (and use) CCleaner.

The HDD is 300 GB. The RAM is 12 GB. It should be a lot faster than this, shouldn't it?

Mental_Mouse 08-25-2019 05:33 PM

Yes, it should. Malware is definitely a possibility; it’s important to remember that no antivirus can handle everything, especially if you’re trying to install it after an infection has already taken hold. If Malwarebytes doesn’t help, you may need to take it in to a professional.

Eireann 08-25-2019 06:01 PM

And now, folks, there's a WHOLE NEW problem!

I tried one of the fixes I found online. It appears that drive C was running at 100%. I don't know why. This fix talked about changing the memory that the C drive and RAM swap between them.

I made the change.

I restarted.

"Your computer has encountered a problem and needs to restart."

It restarted over and over.

I tried booting it from a flash drive.

No success.

I am now, once again, using my old computer. I'm just about ready to take a sledgehammer to the new one. After I remove the extra RAM, of course. I am completely at a loss as to how to proceed from here.

Mental_Mouse 08-26-2019 03:34 PM

Definitely take it to a professional...

Buzzard 08-26-2019 07:03 PM

Odd. With 12GB of RAM, you shouldn't be using any swapfile.

With the small size of the drive, it's fairly easy to run to the limits of its capacity, speed-wise.

...Just had a fun thought: Facebook just LOVES ads. Some email providers will put ads on their pages as well. Facebook is notorious for constant activity, downloading and processing ...stuff. Youtube does some stuff, but that's more of when you're actually doing something there.

Boot Windows in 'Safe Mode' (with Networking) Should be able to spam F8 while the system loads (or tries to) to get boot options. Undo that last 'fix'. When you've got your system back, you'll want the AdBlockPlus addon for Firefox. The sheer amount of ...utter fertilizer... it prevents from loading in the first place can save your buttocks. This includes some of the 'ads' that are actually mal/spy/ransomware attacks.

Eireann 08-26-2019 07:17 PM

Right now, I'm just enjoying using my old standby computer. I have a real fondness for this thing. I deleted lots of downloads that were clogging the C drive, and uninstalled several programs I didn't even realize I had (which means I wasn't using them). I could almost hear the computer sigh in relief.

I'll work on the new computer later. I just don't feel like futzing around with it right now. I'll take your advice, Buzzard, on the AdBlockPlus addon; maybe that will help. I still can't figure out why Firefox is just so damned slow on the new computer, but is working fine on this old one. Or why all the applications kept hanging up yesterday, which is why I fiddled around with the memory in the first place.

I found this page last night, and tried Method Four:

And now, as you know, I have the Eternal Restart.

Eireann 09-05-2019 08:45 PM

It is entirely fucked.

I tried removing the extra RAM. I was able to enter BIOS (which is nothing new; I could do that before). I tried restoring the factory default settings. I tried booting from a flash drive.

Nothing. Absolutely fucking nothing.

Should I just use this thing for spare parts?

EricKei 09-06-2019 03:45 AM


Quoth Buzzard (Post 1383064)
Odd. With 12GB of RAM, you shouldn't be using any swapfile .

Shouldn't NEED one, but Windows usually puts one there anyway. If you use MS Office, it actually depends upon the existence of the swap, no matter how much RAM you have.

Eireann 09-06-2019 02:39 PM

Whatever the problem was, a much bigger one is now here, with the fact that the computer cannot be used.

What a mess.

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