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Nunavut Pants 12-23-2019 09:05 PM

Age restrictions and age estimates
I volunteer in a local animal shelter. I was volunteering in our smallest facility, which is inside of a Petco, when this happened.

We have signs on the rooms saying "under 18 must be accompanied by an adult", but of course nobody reads them. (Not that I can blame them too much, due to the presence of adorable kittens or puppies on the other side of the glass! They can be a bit distracting.) So, as part of my usual greeting, if there are any younger folks in a group I will mention "...and Mom needs to stay with you in the rooms".

So a mother and daughter come in, and I greet them with the usual. And turn to the daughter and say that "Mom has to stay with you if you go into the rooms."

She gets this appalled look on her face, and says "I'm twenty-four!"

I wilted, totally embarrassed and trying to stammer out apologies fast enough. Then I became aware that Mama was laughing her *ss off. Very nearly crying from laughter!

"Now me, now me!!"

Her laughter was contagious, and soon we were all three laughing. I'm really glad that Mama took it so well, because that could have been an unhappy situation.

MadMike 12-23-2019 10:30 PM

Yeah, you just can't tell these days. My wife and I also volunteer with cats, and where we volunteer has the same rule. Similarly, if you want to volunteer, you have to have a legal adult with you if you're under 18.

When we were there last weekend, there was a lady there with her daughter, and the daughter was asking the manager about volunteering. I figured her to be 15 or 16, but possibly 18. Apparently the manager thought so as well, because she asked how old she was. Turned out she was 12.

EricKei 12-23-2019 10:31 PM

That's when you turn to the Mama and grant her wish ;)

Mental_Mouse 12-24-2019 04:35 PM

My family runs to looking young -- as adults, we mostly look about 10 years younger than our actual age. In my own case my male-pattern baldness (from the other side of the family) breaks the pattern a bit, but I still got the good skin and delicate features. Then my sister married a guy who has the same thing going in his family -- my nephews will probably get carded until they have gray hair!

YamiNoHime 12-28-2019 10:51 PM

I got carded last week. I'm 51. I guess that's what happens when you put a purple rinse on your gray hair

Ironclad Alibi 12-29-2019 01:15 AM

I was 55 the first time I got carded. The grocery store goofed and had to card everyone buying beer for a while.

Trixie 12-29-2019 04:18 AM

About 20ish years ago, my sister and family were moving to another state and I went along for the ride as they were looking at houses. They also went to look at some of the schools. My nieces at the time were in elementary school. As we were checking things out, our tour guide asked me what grade I was in. I was nearly 30 at the time. Even now I don't look my age but believe me, I feel it most days.

Kanalah 02-04-2020 04:20 PM

A couple of years ago I went with Mom to pick up Grandma from the Alzheimer's daycare. It was star wars day at the school, so I had on a t-shirt and leia buns in my hair.

Mom apologized to the nurse saying, "Sorry she looks weird, it was Star Wars day at my daughter's school."

The nurse looked in the window and said "High School or College?"

I was in my mid 30's.

Nunavut Pants 02-10-2020 02:47 AM


Quoth EricKei (Post 1386479)
That's when you turn to the Mama and grant her wish ;)

Oh, I did! "OK, so she has to be with you to go in!"

Thank goodness for mamas with good senses of humor...

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