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myswtghst 02-08-2007 12:12 AM

I'm under the impression that as long as it is obviously joking, or incredibly out there/odd, so that it is obviously meant to be funny, it's ok.

Actually punching a customer, though, is not.

Stating that you want to beat someone with a salmon seems more in the realm of funny than of stating that you approve of unnecessary violence. :salmon:

Ree 02-08-2007 12:57 AM

Let's just say we don't wish to have the violence put into words or expressed as a thought.
The smilies suffice to get the point across, because they are just a symbol and really aren't directed at anyone in particular.

We can split hairs all day over this, but plain and simple, we don't want our members making posts about how they punched out people in a manner that glorifies it, nor do we want posts where members admit to threatening harm on another person.

I think it's pretty straightforward, and not really a grey area at all.

I think we have had enough discussion over this, so I am closing it.
If anyone is still unclear, before posting, PM a mod and ask for an opinion.

EricKei 01-06-2016 12:04 PM

A gentle bump by way of reminder. This issue has cropped up again in recent times.


Naturally, a question or two about this has cropped up. To clarify:

We're not talking about 100% imaginary situations such as the "Punish the SC Game" thread in Forum Games. We are talking about when a CS member posts about getting into a physical altercation with a customer, and it becomes a glorified tale of violence, members suggesting that they would have done so in another's place, or when other CS members suggest actual physical violence should have been used to deal with the customer. Violence happens, and there's no problem with sharing a story where it did occur, we just don't want it glorified and hero-worshipped. i.e. An honest, plain and simple account of a situation where violence happened to occur is fine; turning it into a grand tale of good vs evil is not.

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