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Name: Kiki Toshioto
Heritage: Iris, Greek Goddess of the rainbow.
Occupation: Private Detective
Power Level: Unawakened

Divine Aspect: Blending in - Despite her odd green eyes, Kiki seems to go unnoticed even when she shouldn't. People just seem to over look her, even if she is trying to draw attention to herself.

Description :Oriental female, around 5' 6" tall. Her rare green eyes draw a lot of attention, but this is because although she looks oriental .. she is only half. The other half being Iris of course. Petite is the perfect word to describe her. Very athletic and fit.

She is very formal and honor driven, seeming a throwback to the older oriental ways. When she gets angry though, her accent slips away..and so do her manners. She has an innate dislike for males, however, because of something that happened in her past.

Kiki's innate dislike for males comes from what happened to her as a child. A bunch of male soldiers came and basically took over their house. They abused her and her family, and as they were being ran off by the government killed all but Kiki (that she knows of..there is rumors they took one of the family with them, but this is not yet been verified).

She studied martial arts, but found her real knack was as a private detective. She could tail people without being noticed, and find clues that others missed.

Flaws: Besides her dislike for men, she is bound by her code of honor. If she gives her word on something, nothing will make her break it.

Fate: Knowledge is power, and the gods have selected her to infiltrate the ranks of their enemies to gain all the knowledge they can.
Engaged to the amazing Marmalady. She is my Silver Dragon, shining as bright as the sun. I her Black Dragon (though good honestly), dark as night..fierce and strong.

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