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Name: Liam O'Keefe
Heritage: Son of Danu (The Irish Goddess, the Danann part of the Tuatha de Danann, eg the big cheese, goddess of creation)
Occupation: Private Body Guard and Retired member of the Emergency Response Unit (Irish SWAT team)
Power Level: Unawakened

Divine Aspect: An Island in a Storm (Stamina/Presence): Liam's capability of shrugging off punishment and pushing himself past human limits is slightly above average. What really makes him shine though is his ability to command respect in those around him. A natural leader, others around him mysteriously find themselves also able to push past their normal limits if Liam is leading them.

Liam is silent, brooding, slow to anger. He has a moral compass that other would be good guys could set their moral compass by. He is compassionate, open minded and above all true to his sense of justice.

Do not mistake this for complacency. If provoked to action he is fierce and unforgiving, and loyal to a fault.

He has sandy blond hair, light sky-blue eyes, is rail thin, not extremely strong, but can hold his own against a normal mortal.

Liam's father was a mean drunk. Being a single father made him that much more drunk and that much more mean. He grew up enduring daily beatings and being told how worthless he was. Eventually, children's services had him removed from his father's "care" at the age of 12.

From there he led a fairly normal life, but eventually resolved himself not to turn out like his father. Joining the Emergency Response Unit as soon as they would have him he served there with a distinctive career earning a reputation for bravery, and for getting the job done until he retired from active service in the unit at age 30. He still takes the occasional job from them, but now works as a free lance body guard.

Flaws: Liam is a superhero at heart. He hates to see the innocent get hurt, even if that means he must get hurt in their place. He also tends to take
that mindset that he should have been better, faster stronger....

Fate: Strong warriors are needed for the days to come. Danu knows this and planned for it in giving birth to Liam.

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