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I'm bumping this thread up because this is rearing its ugly head again.

But this time I thought it might make sense to explain what FTSTS is and, just as importantly what it isn't.

I've mentioned a few times here that FTSTS does not protect people who come here to brag about being jerks to customers.

I figured it would help to illustrate what I've meant by that and why the rule is there but also how it does not condone bad behavior on a poster's part.

The FTSTS rule is needed because it protects people who come here to express feelings and thoughts about customers who may not be that sucky. Why the hell do we care if people have negative thoughts about customers. We're not the thought police, right?

The rule does not (and should not) protect people who come here to talk about sucky actions (as opposed to thoughts).


My sister found people who ordered tea in Friendly's annoying. Mainly because the way the store was set up, she'd have to run all over the place to gather everything needed. Customers would often get impatient and even if it was a nice customer who tipped well, the resulting tip wasn't going to be much.

She should be allowed to come here and vent about her annoyance without getting a lecture that getting tea is her job or that ordering tea isn't sucky.

I mean, Duh! She knew her job and she knows ordering tea isn't a sucky action. It just sucked for her. She never let on to the customer how she felt about it. She did her job with a smile and kept her feelings to herself while she was working.

The FTSTS rule would let her vent about her feelings here and protect her from getting stupid lectures in reply.

Now. If she had acted like a bitch to the customer or heaved a heavy sigh at the customer or in any way acted put upon TO the customer, that would be a sucky ACTION on her part. If she came here and bitched that the customer didn't like it much when she expressed her annoyance TO the customer, the FTSTS rule would not apply.

HOWEVER! People would still have to avoid making personal attacks and directly pointing out that the customer wasn't sucky but there's nothing wrong with a nicely worded sympathetic suggestion on how to handle such a situation professionally next time.

Or, even better, ignoring the post and/or reporting it as bragging about being a sucky employee.

I don't believe the FTSTS rule should apply in other forums except for Sucky Customers. Members should be perfectly free to gently point out that a PFB letter writer has a point or politely explain why an apparently sucky employee/other customer in Sightings wasn't in the wrong or that a supposed Moron in Management asking you to do your job is actually doing HER job. Just do it politely and without attacking or lecturing.

I hope that makes sense.
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