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Since politics is one of the "hot topics" that is also a fertile ground for jokes, would the following 2 categories of political jokes be allowed?

1. Poking fun at politicians as a class (typical example: planeload of Congressmen crashes, farmer buries them. When questioned about the lack of survivors, he says that some of them said they were still alive, but politicians always lie).

2. Jokes that work equally well in both directions (to use U.S. examples, there are some that I've seen from both the viewpoint of Republicans making fun of Democrats, and from the viewpoint of Democrats making fun of republicans), sanitized to use "Party X" and "Party Y" to represent the 2 sides (readers can substitute their favourite 2 parties).

Also, what about jokes where a religious setting provides a background, but the religion involved is not the target of the joke (e.g. a drunk mistaking a confessional for a toilet stall would always take place in a Catholic church, because that's where you'd find a confessional)?

Alternately, could a "jokes" forum be added to Fratching for jokes that would be "out of bounds" for Customers Suck?