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"Give me a reimbursement/discount!" (library version)
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Default "Give me a reimbursement/discount!" (library version)

The customer was polite and pleasant when I personally was dealing with her, it's just what she wanted that could be considered sucky.

So according to this woman, she'd checked out a book on CD from the library, and one of the CDs got stuck/jammed in her stereo. I don't recall the exact details, but she'd taken the stereo to various places, they weren't able to remove the CD either, and she's now facing having to replace her stereo. And her reason for coming into the library was to explain the situation, and ask about possibly getting reimbursed for the cost of the stereo replacement (or repair).

Why would this be considered sucky? Because on all of our AV materials, there is a green sticker that states the library is not responsible for damage to the customer's equipment. Not to mention that circulation desk staff are NOT authorized to give refunds/reimbursements......that all would have to be done through our Accounting department. (and even then, it's not guaranteed to be approved)

So what I did for this customer was to give her the phone number for our call center, and told her someone there might have more information, or be able to direct her to someone who does.