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Ugh. Were you able to capture any video/a screenshot or any other info to help tack it down? ^_^;>

PS, In the meantime, please allow me to make a suggestion -- for everybody. Snag the free version of SpyBot: Search & Destroy, run the updates, and then run "Immunization." It sets up blacklists in certain browsers (IE/Edge and FF, unsure which others) and in your Windows HOSTS file which cause ads & popups from known malicious sites to simply redirect to "localhost" as their, even if your browsers doesn't have its popup blocker turned on, the worst you'll get from a blacklisted site is a completely empty popup window. This would explain why I've never seen any such problematic ads, myself The spyware scanner itself is quite helpful, as well.

SpyBot itself is true freeware, no ads, no limited uses/expiration, no hidden "helper" programs (from what I've seen), etc., just make sure to DL it via Safer Networking, their publisher (link below). Worst it'll do is show a plain box attached to the main window offering an upgrade.

Worth a shot!
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