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I think my favourite impromptu dismount was when I was acting like an ass about how one of my sponsors had paid for me to go to Europe, Vienna to the famous Spanish riding school and spend an entire mouth being paid to ride... I learned on a runaway failed racehorse so sometimes if the horse isnít familiar and they get going a good clip I kinda fall into bad habits. Anyway the pony I was riding stopped suddenly after I ASKED him to stop verbally and I did a flip over the shoulder and on the ground. The horse just standing there going wtf? You asked I did, why did you decide to flop off?

Or the time I discovered the hard way that my old horse takes issue with that sorta downhill but in steps that I canít remember what itís called. Plop, bounce bounce bounce crack. Or the second time. ďIím gonna walk down these like a humanoid bunny. On two legs... because he was an ass.

Or the time the old runaway was like ďIím better then the ground poles to warm up c. Imma gonna jump that 6ft oxer right beside it instead. I stayed on over the jump by fell off when he decided to celebrate his accomplishment by kicking his hooves up and throwing himself a party afterwards.
Are you sure that you weren't riding one of my horses? My horse named King Cow used to do this to me.
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