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*cough* Facebook CS Group *cough*
Damn. I may have to give in and get a FB account

Raps, thank you for everything you've done for us. I'm sure I'm not the only person who's only managed to remain sane by having somewhere safe to come and hang out for a while, even if the reasons for needing that safe place never get shared around.

I wonder; I've noticed some people posting to say they have the skills and time but not the money. Would it be possible to crowd-fund? Possibly ask for people willing to make a voluntary donation of, say 1 a month to help carry costs? While there are those who can't manage that or would be unwilling, there might be enough regulars who can do it to help pay for the site, plus those who might be able to make the odd one-off donation if things are getting tight (I would probably be in the latter category, depending on the time of year).
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