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I usually put "frog" in front of "spawn", myself. XD Or I use it as a word by itself.

I'd also call any adult who was acting childishly a "brat"; and sometimes, the child is misbehaving all by itself, with no blame attached to the parent. So how is that unfair? I was a brat sometimes when a child; and my parents were good parents. I misbehaved, got my brothers into trouble, broke their rules and did things, like smoking, that they were vehemently against. However, I chose to do all these things so if someone had labeled me a brat, it would have been completely fair. I'd say it was an age thing; labeling a tantruming toddler as a "brat" could be considered unfair; labeling a seven year old as one, not; they are capable of choosing to behave badly, sometimes even if their parents are trying their best to deal with their child's bad behaviour.
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