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Lobby - Riley, Mattieu, Liam - Trouble A-Brewin'

Riley's glance toward Liam, coupled with her odds-power, would tell her that trouble's coming his way. Not immediately, but the way he's getting glared at by those thugs sitting by Mark Cleaver, and the way one of them is fiddling with a cell phone, tells her enough. Phone-Thug is passing the word along to someone else, and later Liam would find himself getting jumped by someone.

Liam's glance shows that Glare-Thug is still glaring at him, as if the Irishman owed him money. Which, of course, he doesn't, but it's not stopping the thug from glaring anyway. Then again, he and the other slab of meat sitting next to him and the other two sitting with Cleaver all look like bodyguard types, and the sort who think that glaring at anyone who seems potentially threatening is the best way to keep something from happening.

Mattieu chuckles. "Oh, chere," he says to Riley, "life's always fulla excitement! You jus' gotta know when to look for it, no?"

Hotel Room 1212 - Lupo, Kiki, Anna, Art, Selene - Prepwork

Selene nods absently at Kiki. "Front-line for intel collation among our side," she says. "Not only intel officer. But coordinate a lot. Data comes to me. I analyze it. Quantify it. Pass it along to necessary action teams. Arrange transportation. Habitation." She pauses, inhales sharply through her nose, and concludes, "The prepwork." Without breaking her gaze from the array of screens and keyboards in front of her, she taps one of the tablet screens and her fingers flick and press on an icon. Kiki's own phone would buzz, and a message would indicate that she has two new apps to download.

"Two apps I developed," she replies. "Biometric analyzer. Can lock your phone to your personal use. Fingerprints and eye scanning. Better to vet intel with. Second app sends data and intel you find directly to me."

Meanwhile, Anna turns to Lupo. "Not much good for hunting work, then," she remarks. "Brute force and blunt straightforwardness isn't much good when you need to get the drop on your prey."

"Fortunately," Art says, "we need warriors as much as we need hunters. You survive long enough, your Father might raise you to demigod status. That's when you'll be on the real battlefields."

"That's supposing we manage to find MacBride," Anna sighs. She turns to Selene. "Any luck on that front?"

Selene tilts her head slightly. "Possibly. Spotted text strings being sent to disposable cell phone. No name associated with recipient. Purchased in New York City, Brooklyn, near MacBride's last known location." Her hands move even faster, and accordingly, so does the data and information flashing across her screens. "Tracing location of receiving phone."

"Where's the sender?" asks Paul Brighton, who had just let himself in with a spare key. He gives everyone present a brief nod, and Art introduces him to Kiki: "This is Paul Brighton, son of Apollo. He's one of us."

Selene narrows her eyes. "Checking." A window pops up. "Got both. Sender in lobby." She smirks thinly. "Smartphone. Should be data to mine in there." A few moments later, a picture comes up, and both Lupo and Kiki might recognize one of the members of Cleaver's posse. "Tomaso Brontakos. Associate of Dwayne Clevins and Mark Cleaver. Nephew of Nick Argakos, Vice President of Security for Pyke Brands." As she mentions that name, Selene goes still, and then her head turns. "Nick Argakos is a third-generation cyclops, and a significant player for the Titans in the world. Safe bet that Tomaso is a cyclops, too."

Art glances at the others. "We need to try to grab Tomaso. Might give us some intel on Pyke Brands."

Then Selene speaks up. "Cracked Tomaso's texts. Snapped a picture of this man." And a picture of Liam O'Keefe would appear on the screen. "Texts describe him as 'Celtspawn. Son of Queen Tuatha.'" She nods. "O'Keefe is one of us, just Awakened."

Anna hissed in a breath with concern. "If Tomaso is texting MacBride, it's all but guaranteed he just put Liam on a hit list."

"Hm." Selene tilts her head again. "Recipient phone is at Silver Dollar City." She sets to work. "See if I can parse out what he'd be doing there. Someone should get over there, look for a Titanspawn or whomever might be receiving those texts."
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