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Sapputiyok throws xer hands up reflexively, squeezing xer eyes shut at the same time as closing off xer sixth sense. Xe sees the bright flash through xer eyelids and hears the accompanying boom of thunder. Sapputiyok peeks between xer fingers to see shattered pieces of bone scattered around the street and the stranger on his knees at the center.

Sapputiyok glances up and down the street. A few people are righting overturned carts or sweeping broken bone off of the front steps of their shops. A small child picks up an intact bone and swings it above xer head like a club before running off down the street. Other people are walking down the street, ignoring the stranger as if he looked just like any of them. Scowling at the others' indifference, Sapputiyok turns to the stranger, hoping to find some answers.

Xe walks up to the stranger and holds out xer hands to him, palm up, in the traditional manner of greeting a member of a higher class. Xe tries not to look disgusted by the stranger's hair or pinkish skin. "I offer you greetings, you who called lightning to fell the beast made of bone. I am Sapputiyok, one of the weilders of the Gift." The stranger looks up at xer with surprise, but xe sees no recognition of xer mention of the Gift. "Once you have rested a bit, I hope you will indulge me with answers about the creature we just fought and... about yourself."
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