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Quoth DerangedHermit
Isn't it against the law to smoke inside some public places in parts of the country?
Yes. In many places, its against the law to smoke outside by doors as well.

I disagree with these laws because they impact property owners. If I owned a business, it should be my decision to allow smoking or not. If I choose to allow smoking, non-smokers can choose to visit my establishment or not. If I choose to not allow smoking, smokers can go somewhere else if they want. Its my business and my customer base. If my bad decisions make my customers go elsewhere, its my fault. Its just not right for the government to make these decisions for me.

That being said...I never light up indoors unless I see ashtrays on the tables AND other people smoking. I don't stand just outside the door and smoke. I don't take that last puff while I'm walking in the door and then exhale when I'm inside. A little consideration goes a long way.

As a side note, even when I'm not smoking, I always ask for seating in the smoking section. I hate trying to enjoy a meal and conversation with brats running all over and screaming. Not so many of them in the smoking sections.